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  1. bedi

    Toyota surf Monster Truck

    Big toyota surf monster truck 1993 import
  2. Hey guys my pride and joy, what you think!!!! last photo is of the surf the rest are of the inside.
  3. bedi

    Worst Mpg Ever

    Just sold my IQ2 after 4 months and 3500 miles, my Merc E320cdi does better MPG than the IQ2. Not happy at all, seems to be a big problem with some IQ2's when it comes to MPG. Dealer is useless, been in a few times but they cant seem to do anything, i was not getting more than 35MPG. Full tank was not getting me more than 200 miles and that was me never going over 60MPH.
  4. bedi

    How Many Miles

    242 miles on my first Tank. R was flashing off, so filled up with 29Ltr. Tank can only take 32Ltr that means i only had 3Ltr left, not happy, was looking at getting at least 500 miles or more out of it. My Merc 320CDI will do 300 miles with at least 35Ltr and thats a 3.2.
  5. bedi

    Pics Of My New Iq

    Thank you for all your feedback, i must confess they do look much better in the dark.....lol.
  6. bedi

    How Many Miles

    Hi guys, just looking for some info, just got a new IQ, use it for local drive and some motorway. Just looking to see what the most Miles anybody has done on a full tank to the empty line?
  7. bedi

    My IQ

    IQ in White with Tints and 17in Momo Strike.
  8. bedi

    Pics Of My New Iq

    Hi guys, just some pictures of my new IQ with its wheels and tints on it, what you think?
  9. Just bought a Iq 2 in white, picking it up 2morow from Toyota brand new. Have paid for 17ins Momo Strike wheels, does anybody have them on their IQ? Im not sure that i have made the right choice, can you help? http://www.momo-uk.co.uk/gallery/road%20wheels/momo%20strike/momo%20strike.htm They are in black, white IQ2, what you think guys?
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