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  1. I don't think they have a big enough profit margin on these cars to update them every seven years. A new bumper is all we are getting although I think the shape still looks very current. Think the 107 and C1 have been made worse......
  2. Its only the front bumpers that have changed so hardly any difference to not like them. Think finally the Aygo looks the best :-)
  3. It drives me mad that the light doesnt come on when any door is opened. Trying to put a young baby in the rear car seat this time of year is a nightmare. Also the light not remaining on for a little time isn't good either. Just cost cutting gone a little too far...... otherwise a great cheap to run car :-)
  4. In a World Wide recession, nothing is selling at the moment so good luck with that!!!!!
  5. I bought my car from Colchester Toyota as well and found the customer service is terrible. I would argue the case as it surely shouldn't do that from new. Get a C1, lot friendlier...... PS, does the lack of no interior light on opening other doors get on anyone eles's nerves.....
  6. My economy picked up after a few thousand miles and the engine also feels nippier. The C1 I had before did the same. I mostly do country lanes to work with few stops or traffic and average 60PMG, works out at 10p a mile. Lot depends if you thrash the engine. If your keeping up with traffic then you are probably driving it to hard and wont get the good economy. Paying more for the Toyota badge is madness. I used the cost of the C1 to haggle the price down on the Aygo. My first car was the basic one but it kinda drove me mad not having remote central locking so the nostalga soon wears off. Plus I found the C1 service department a lot better.
  7. The consumption is around 10p a mile, 380 miles costs £37.50 at 134.9 a litre. This is mostly long straight country lanes with no lights, little traffic and higher average speeds. The C1 I had before was very similar to these figures. Good cars :-)
  8. This is a good test, how many miles do u get with each fuel blob on the dash, 1st = 130 2nd = 230 3rd = 300 4th = 380 Sounds like we have some heavy footed drivers on this forum.
  9. Services are £183 for the first and third service at my local Toyota, seems steep. The Aygo can take a pushchair as I have one that fits perfect. The Aygo does make sense as a cheap run around. I never understand the appeal of the IQ, its expensive for what it is and too small to be of any use on the secondhand market.
  10. Whats the Siri like on the 4S, any good?
  11. I had this on my Aygo and it was pressure tested by Toyota. It turned out to be the rear light cluster surround leaking which was an easy fix. Good luck
  12. The IQ is a joke, its so small it must suffer more from wind and with that lack of space I cant see anyone outside of London ever buying one. Think its value will drop like a stone. I can understand saying the Aygo is rubbish and going for something bigger, Fiesta/Astra but to go for the IQ, really...... The problem can't be fixed unless the re design the whole car. They wont tell you this and lie so they can sell you a car. I prefer water leaks to mechanical failure although its not ideal. Mine seems ok so far after a years use.
  13. Like the seats :-) get a spoiler on the back and it will look complete
  14. The one seal was never going to be enough. Other cars have two. Think its cost cutting gone too far!!!!!
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