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  1. I have been in touch with Toyota Customer Relations and they deny this is a known problem. Odd
  2. thsnk you, good to know That was RMB in Darlington. They also said the rear lights filling with water, wasnt a known issue, 4 of ours did it, and they reoplaced both rear clusters FOC. peter.
  3. Hi which dealer as Toyota are saying this is not a known issue regards
  4. Hi i havr tried a heath robinson fix so fingers crossed thank you
  5. Avensis Estate 2007, 2.2D
  6. Avensis Estate 2007 model
  7. I have contacted Toyota as the plastic lug on the tonneau cover has snapped off. I believe this is a design issue as the lug should be metal. They tell me this is not a known issue. How many other people have had a similar issue as I struggle to believe this is not a regular problem