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  1. I am struggling to achieve more than 38mpg with my 9 month old Avensis Tourer with its 2.2 D Cat automatic power unit (8000 miles on the clock, so it's loosened up nicely). It's been checked and all is normal. Really trying hard with 70 mph on cruise control on the motorway does not help. This simply can't be right. It should surely be returning near 45mpg. Beautiful, beautiful car in the T Spirit spec, so I'm not changing it, but help me out here with your experience. Paul
  2. I stupidly forgot to say the car's power unit is the 2.2 D-Cat diesel
  3. My new Avensis Tourer T Spirit Auto still struggles to make 39mpg after 7500 miles. It will barely achieve 40mpg at a constant 70 on the motorway. The engine checks by Toyota show everything normal. Any similar experiences out there? paul
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