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  1. I like the auto wipers, but never use the auto headlights - I find they come on and off too much, e.g. on a sunny day driving down a partly shaded road. My other niggles are: 2. The fuel gauge could be more accurate. It starts reporting low fuel even with 10 litres left. I know you could say you can work to this (i.e. when it is flashing you still have x miles left), but one day I will get caught out! Hi Gav18, The sensitivity of the automaticheadlights can be adjusted at your garage. I've set mine to one step less sensitive. So it must be darker before they turn on. The fuel gauge starts to blink at about 10 litres but wil flash faster at 5 litres... So you can wait with refuelling when it flashes faster.
  2. Kevin, don't be to harsh on your SATNAV. I live in Holland, and the roads around Eindhoven have been changed completely this year. They "look" the same, but al junctions on the highway have been changed there. I don't know if the signs are still there but at the beginnig of this year there were signs "GPS Uitzetten". Translated: Turn off your SATNAV. You will get lost with every SATNAV. So don't blame Toyota or Navteq for this one ;) And yes, there are quite some faults in the Navteq database... in my town lies a roundabout for about 4 years now... and it is not on the map. A roundabout which is constructed 2 years ago 1 mile down the road is on the map. So I don't know how they update... but they are not always correct ;) Cheers Michel.