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  1. It's my daily car and I've enjoyed the 45k I've clocked up in! I'm a Toyota fan, particularly for reliability. Nice to see them getting back into fun cars, and I've got half an eye on the new GR Yaris...
  2. Hi guys, just joined the forum. Owned my 86 for a couple of years and love it. Car is mostly standard except: Changed the rear lights to the facelift model Retrimmed the steering wheel Upgraded the stereo
  3. Ok cheers guys, have just signed up
  4. Hi guys, thinking about becoming a premium member. Does it give discounts on routine servicing or only out of warranty work? I did call the dealer who seemed unaware of the OC discount, however they’re checking for me. From the discount pages: Inchcape Toyota Basingstoke are able to offer members a discount of 15% on Labour and 10% discount on parts - subject to special orders and provision of the membership card.