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  1. Happy Birthday ChristianTRD!

  2. just answered your post on sticking throttle pedal

  3. I found this web page link useful when making my Avatar
  4. Following a set of new spark plugs, a new air filter and an oil change she's been running like a dream. I also filled her up with Shell V-Power unleaded petrol as recommended by many owners. Thanks for all the help.
  5. Any help from Celica owners who have had similar experience much appreciated ...
  6. Hi I have a Gen6 Celica ST and the accelerator (throttle) pedal is stuck fast? I have managed to free it twice but it's gone back to being stuck in the up position. The spring return is fine but something allows it to stick. It's almost like you have to break an invisible seal. I have lubricated the pedal and spring in the footwell with GT85. Once free it works fine. If left say 5 mins it's back to being stuck again? I know Toyota had a recall for sticking pedals but that was newer models with fly-by-wire. My local Toyota dealer kindly did a recall serach for my car on outstanding recalls but nothing came up. This is ruining an outstanding vehicle. My girlfriend is afraid that it will stick down with the same force and could cause an accident. Any suggestions or help will be greatly appreciated. Christian
  7. Yes fresh fuel but not changed the fuel filter yet.
  8. 12 hours, 16 views later and no replies ... now I'm worried
  9. Hi I have just bought a '98 Celica 1.8 ST and I love it. It's just had a new battery but the car has not been driven by the previous owner for over 6- months. It started first time and I drove home without problems. However, ever since it seems to struggle to start. It starts on the key but within seconds the idle dies and it stalls. If I restart and press the accelerator (slightly sticking in the up position) pedal down and hold the revs it warms up and idles and drives fine? I've changed the spark plugs, air filter and topped up the coolant with anti-freeze for winter. Is this a common fault with this engine. Shoud I take it to my local Toyota dealer and risk a massive bill for investigating? Please help Christian
  10. Ok I've worked it out - sorry Great forum and website - thanks
  11. Hi I've recently joined but when I went to edit my profile and add an avatar etc. I am unable? Am I barred as a newbie or am I doing it wrong. I went to the Edit Profile section. Please help. Christian