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  1. Hey ppl, would fitting one of these bonnet spoilers be road 'safe'? Am contemplating getting one made up, but because it'll stick up from the bonnet, it might be considered 'unsafe' to pedestrians in an accident. Don't wanna put it on and stopped by police and ordered to take it off, that leave holes then!! PANTS, how do I put a picture on the end of this message?? I wanna put the garage ********ui car pic on it. PANTS, ok, everyone go to Garage ********ui, it'll show the MR2's with the spoiler I am referring to. MANNNNNNNNN
  2. Yo blokey, I got active spkrs system in my MR2, which I at first did not know, so cut all the wires in the Toyota loom, and could only find the main power, switching and earth. The car audio shop said I needed the active spkr loom convertor, which cost 25 quid, plkugged it in and nothing. I checked the cars radio fuse, which was blown, changed it, and she was on just like that. I got an Alpine cd with pre-outs only connected to a Pioneer DSP, pre-in, and 3 pre-outs, which the cars active system was connected to no problems whatsoever. Is yor Sony brand new or has it been used before? Its either a dodgy head unit, which Sony's tend to be, or you got a duff convertor loom. And yes, the convertor is sposed to be really short.
  3. Hey Leeky, u say u got one of them spoilers from a breakers, I don't sposed you could get the part number of it for me could you pls? The local Toyota dealer ain't helping cos its an obsolete item, and I have foned all round the jap breakers, and they sorta laffed at me!! So a part number of the spoiler itself would be nice, so's I could order it from Toyota then.
  4. Hey guys, still having no luck as yet. I've foned the local Toyota Dealer, but says that cos its an old car now, they have discontinued the part.?!?! So even they can't get hold of if. MANNNNNNNNN. And the local breakers around here are pants!!
  5. Hey Roytoner, have you got 2 air scoops on your car there? 1 left 1 right? Where'd ya get the right hand side one from? And how much wonga was it?
  6. I got a more ' humane' approach tho, if they white kids, and they usually are, and live in council estates, have the council move them to an all BLACK area!! That'll keep them quiet. Gits.
  7. HAAAA, theres me doppelganger!!!! Neway, back to anti-social behaviour of youngsters. I got a wicked idea to keep them in line. Ne1 bad boys/girls caught doing any mischief whatsoever, take them to the town centre, and chop off their hands, no hands, no keying. Simple. If they really bad, shoot them in hte back of their heads. No life, no danger. And one less baddy to think of. That'll keep them in the straight and narrow.
  8. Hmmm, have you ever bought nefing from the US before? I ordered something last year from a company in the US. The price was 28 dollars + p+p. So the total was sposed to be 78 dollars I fink, somefing like that. When it got here, I thought cool. Then, a week later, I got a letter from HM Customs, Saying that I had bought this thing, and had to pay TAX on it?!?!? How much did I have to pay? !Removed! 28 quid something, near enuff 29 quid man!! What a rip!! SO in effect, I ended up paying more tax than the price of the !Removed! item I bought!!
  9. Hey Titto, well, I got a Spax susp kit, comprising shox and springs. I also ordered new bump stops and the rubber boots which go over the top of the shox. The ones I got were all in one universal fitting,that is the bump stop and boot were 1 piece. They cost 26 quid a pair I think, so 52 quid front and rear. I also ordered anti-roll bar bushes(polyurethane ones,same as bump stops) These were 14 quid each(28 a pair). Also, I ordered clear side repeaters and clear front indicators. I was expecting normal clear lenses, but they were the newer crystal clear lenses, WICKED!! The side repts were 22 a pair, last week on E:BAY, some one sold a pair of these for 31 quid!!! The crystal fronts were 50 quid a pair. Cool huh. If ne1 wants some, but can't get them as cheap as these prices, then contact me, and I can get some for you and post them to you, just add postage.
  10. Hey matey, I am getting my springs and shox fitted next Tuesday, it gona cost me 80-100 squid. It's the usual going price for susp swap.
  11. BTW Leeky, how is it held on? Is it screwed on from underneath or bonded?
  12. OK, fanx guys, will have a gander around now. Thats if I can find a 96 onwards Celica in a General breakers. Seem nowadays, all the sporty Jap cars are being bought up by the Jap Breakers.
  13. Hey Matt, u got ne Rev 3 tail lights? If so, how much are they going for. Would need the centre panel also. Talking of the rear end, would you by ne chance have a spoiler-less boot lid? I wanna take the 3 piece spoiler off mine, but would be alot easier and cheaper if I could just change it for a smooth one, then I'd just need to get the holes in the wings done. Unless you have a smooth bootlid with an alloy wing on it. If you got a smooth lid,would you consider doing a swap for my one?
  14. Hey blokey, theres a splitter at the car acc. shop I go to, its for the new shape Scooby, but is is exactly the right size and shape for our MR2's as well, it's going for 75 notes, brand spanking new. Fits at the sides/ends and has a central pillar, so leaving 2 slots sorta thing. Looks quite nice actually, is black plastic, not FG.
  15. Well, have finally ordered me lights now, side rep and front geezers. 72 quid all in.
  16. MisteR 2

    Mr2 Meets?

    MR2004? Wheres that gna be at then? Am in Camberley myself, abt 20 mins away from Reading, when are the Reading meets? I went to one a while back, but wasn't much going on. Did you guys go? There was a plain white Supra there with a Bin-Ladenesk person driving it. It was by the footy stadium I think.
  17. MisteR 2

    £475 Later !

    I am refering to the recessed square which is just under your front side marker light, but you probably know what I am on about now init. ok,fanx for your help neway. BTW, what you going to do with your bumper then when you get your Border one? How much you want for it? I might know someone who wants it.
  18. 13 from MrT... damn guess i shoulda checked that out :arrgg-matey: -Z ok,fanx guys, will order them up later then, now just gotta see how much the chop shop will charge me for painting up my front bumper. :(
  19. MisteR 2

    £475 Later !

    Hey Jimlad, that Bomex front bumper u got there, can you tell me what is behind the sides on the bumper please? I got one yesterday, and its got like 2 indented squares in the sides, 1 on each side, and was finking of cutting them out and putting mesh on it, but don't know whats behind it. You up in Scotland then Jim? My bumper came from up there, from Ayrshire, cost me 150 quid, and I got a air scoop too for 90 notes. Just need to get clear front inds and side rptrs now.
  20. Hey peeps, can you tell me if this is a good price for clear, not crystal, side repeaters and front indicators/side light. 50 quid a pair for the front inds. and 22 a pair for the side reps? I don't know how much they are normally, and all you guys have changed yours, or can I get a cheaper price than these elsewhere?
  21. MisteR 2

    £600 ?!?

    600 notes man?? U got a2nd mortgage then?? Man, dats like well uppo man. Call them Muddy Thumpsters and get oudda there!! I think 600 notes is more like painting yor skirts, your bumper, and fitting them all on, and probably with some petrol money and a cpl of oz of skunk!!! <<j/k. Mansfield, isn't that where Patrick Stewart is from??
  22. Hey Matt, I sent you an e:mail to your Matt@roguesystmes addy yesterday afternoon, dnt know if u got it. I am after the engine cover prop rod and the black plastic mount it swings down from, not the engine cover itself. Can you sell one of them?
  23. Hey guys, I know I am in the wrong forum here, but am after the tiny litttle aero spoiler on the rear edge of the bonnet on GT4's. Do you know if it's available seperate and what the part number is? Or where I cud poss get 1?? Fanx.
  24. Like Steven Seagal says in Under Siege, I am just the cook. hey SHUTTY, you say you work for a Toyota dealer. Do you know the tiny bonnet aero spoiler CelicaGT4's have, at the rear edge of the bonnet? Is that available as a seperate part? If so, how much is it? And whats the part number pls. Don't know if all GT4's have them tho, havn't seen enuff GT4's around to notice.
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