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  1. Ah, yes, they are all there and not going anywhere. It is just the self adhesive pads at the tailgate end I need.
  2. Thanks, not seen a clip there, well not a seperate one anyway. But will do.
  3. Thanks, ordered some and tried them, but still a no! they just dont stick to the rubber gutter part!
  4. I took the roof gutters off to clean. At the rear (the boot hinge end) they are stuck down with two small adhesive pads. Of course I removed these, but now cannot find any suitable part to re attached them. I have ordered any number of self adhesive double sided pads, including the number plate ones. Toyota do not stock these as individual items. Does anyone have any ideas on where to get these or how to re attach the now flapping ends of my roof gutter? Thanks!
  5. Base Aygo Active now comes with rear split fold seats as standard
  6. Thanks, I will check that, but I think my is quite tight. I looked at the rooflining today and think I may have re-fitted it better, but it is no where near as well seated as the driver's side, so I am bemused. I just hope it rattles less now.
  7. Johnny, How did you fix the rooflining rattle? I have the same thing and can see exactly the point of the rattle. It has been to the dealership, but I don't think thye have fixed it. The rooflining still moves. On the driver's side it's fine and fixed firmly in place, however the passenger side is bad. Is the rear window trim easy to remove?
  8. My best ever is now 63mpg. Never had lower than 52.
  9. I don't know. Has been annoying me for a while.
  10. Hi All After some investigation I have found the source of a very annoying rattle. It is the seat belt 'pivot point' within the B pillar. Any one else have this issue? It is quite loud at times.
  11. Thanks for all your input. I went to the main dealer as I needed some warranty work both last year and this and I didn't really want any hassle. The minor service last year was £115 and I thought I'd pay just as much at an independent. I will consider my options next year when it is 3.
  12. It does say replace, just like it says replace oil and filter. Clearly the word replace means two different things to Toyota!. I feel a little powerless now, having written to Toyota and got the same reply.
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