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  1. Michelin

    T180 Judder

    I have noticed recently that my T180 has started to judder when you are on an open road doing a steady speed.Say I've got it at 60mph and keeping it there the engine judders for a few seconds and then goes ok and then does it again on and off.If i accelarate its fine its only when cruising at a steady speed.Around town its fine it only happens on an open road at a steady cruising speed.Anyone got any ideas what this could be before I get ripped off somewhere
  2. Can anyone tell me were the fuse is on my 2006 T180 for the rear fog lights. Also is there a Haynes manual or similar available for my Rav as all I can find is up to the model before mine as they changed in 2006
  3. Ive just noticed on my T180 that both rear fog lights are not working.I know they were working when I first bought the car around 10 months ago but since then it has had a tow bar fitted by Toyota main dealer and new reversing sensors both at the same time,so I dont know if they have disturbed something . I know that they did take the rear bumper off.The light comes on on the dash to indicate that the fogs are on and you can hear the relay click aswell when you switch them on. Ive checked the bulbs and they look fine .Couldnt work out which fuse is the one to check can anyone tell me which one it is. Does anyone have any ideas what this could be cos its puzzling me and I hate anything not working on the car.
  4. All of a sudden some warning lights and buzzers have come on my 2006 Rav the car is running perfect I just thought I'd ask here on the forrum first before taking it in as it is strange that so many lights have come on at the same time they are check brake system,check abs system,check vsc system,check 4wd system,high tf oil temp all of these warning systems come on after each other and sometimes they go off again but as i say the car runs perfect.Does anyone have any ideas or has this happened to someone else aswell.Cheers in advance
  5. Michelin

    T180 Problem

    Anyone got any idea what this could be. All of a sudden my T180 seems to of lost its low down power . What I mean is the power it has before the turbo kicks in between say 1000 rpm to 1500 rpm it used to trundle along happily under 15000 rpm and when you put your foot down on the accealarator it would pick up and then when it hit the turbo around 1700 rpm it would start to fly as normal, but now it struggles below 1500 rpm.If you put your foot down it pulls as normal and the fuel consumption is the same as its always been and theres no smoke coming from it. I cleaned the egr valve out 5000 miles ago and to be honest it was clean anyway. So basically the car is running perfect except on low revs its a bit hesitant until the turbo kicks in.Anyone got any ideas.
  6. I am looking into getting a spare wheel for my T180. Can anyone tell me what will fit on it apart from an original 18 inch alloy ie can I put a 17 inch one on with a smaller tyre as it is only going to be used as an emergency spare,are the spacings the same on the hubs and what problems could I get if I put a smaller wheel on if I did get a puncture.Any advice would be great.
  7. If I was in a position to put any tyre on my T180 what would be a good alternative to the Bridgestone.I mean a tyre thats as good if not better than the Bridgestone and one that won't break the bank otherwise might aswell just carry on with the Bridgestones.To give an idea I can get 2 bridgestones fitted inc vat for £406.00.I was hoping to get 4 good tyres for around £500 to £600. Cheers in advance.
  8. I have a 2006 T180 and the drivers side seat has a little tear in it.Its on the side just above the switches to move the seat and apparently I'm told it is quite common in them.I've tried glueing it but its no good really and I can imagine getting a new one fitted would cost a fortune.Has anyone else had this problem and managed to sort it or does anyone have any ideas as to what I could do to repair it.Its not gone right through like a hole its just the outer material has split away from each other but the inner is still intact its just that its such a nice car I'd like to try and make it right
  9. Does anyone know if you can fit the front bumper protector without taking the bumper off. Is it hard to do on a T180 , noticed you have to drill holes in the bumper to fit the nuts and bolts. Has anyone else attempted this. Any pointers will be appreciated. Mark
  10. I would love to get the support rings taken off mine and fit different tyres but still have the tpms working and if there is anyone out there that can supply a competent garage that I and others can get this done then that would be great as I am unable to find anywhere that can. Also it would be great if anyone could tell me what a good altrenative tyre is for a T180.
  11. Hi mate thanks for answering my question with the run flats could you tell me the name of the main dealer that you are on about in Telford or the phone no and is there a person I need to ask for.

    Many thanks


  12. I know this has been discussed many times but is there anyone on the forrum that can give me a phone no of a garage that will be able to take the support rings off my wheels and fit different tyres to the run flats but leave the valves so that the tpms still works ok, and obviously someone that knows what they are doing so that its not hit and miss, and what tyres are a good replacement for the vehicle.I need to change at least two of the tyres but would like to do the change now but can't find anyone that can do it. Many thanks in advance.
  13. Hi mate I know you say that there is a solution to run flats but believe me Ive tried mailing everyone to see if they can give me an adress or phone no of somewhere I can go to get it sorted as I need to change two tyres next month and its killing me knowing Im going to haveto pay 500 quid for them when I should be able to get 4 for that.


  14. I also have a T180 and at the worst I get 27mpg at the best 36mpg well thats going by the readout on the dash.It's the price you pay for having the quickest model,wouldnt swap mine I love it;just wish something could be sorted with these run flats.
  15. Hi hope you dont mind me getting in touch.I need to change two tyres on my T180 and would like to keep the run flats like you.Would it be possible for you to give me the name and no of the garage that did it for you as I am happy to pay £160 per tyre as you did.If you would like to speak to me my no is 07919364903 daytime or 01407760231 after 5 pm many thanks Mark