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  1. me me me me! p.s I am a student and working a petrol station for petrol and beer monies
  2. Its alot of money for someone to turn round and say "the cars a :censor: "
  3. Cally007

    My Car Pics

    always loved black mr2's
  4. lol i was excited thought you maybe knew of a car!! How long you been searching for, I have been looking for so long I have almost given up all hope of ever finding a good one
  5. uk gt t-bar, rev2 onwards and not white if possible.
  6. must be near someone, its has to be.... it must be.... I really gotta find one cause i start uni next week and will have no time after that to go look at cars, this was my last hope....
  7. would look good with your cf bonnet and black caps on your spoiler i think.
  8. not been driving must recently been drinking far too much. Saw a purple tbar though one afternoon and there is now 2 in strathaven aswell, what I wanna know is where are they all finding them?? LOL See one in auto trader but its too far to go look so hoping that someone will be my saviour and go look at it for me lol. I almost gave up hope the other day and was just going to build a 2ltr corsa..... eek!
  9. LOL valid point it proabably hasnt even had that spent on it!!!
  10. just need to get pics and get something custom made to look similar.... anyways back to finding a car first!! LOL
  11. no matter how good the outside looks though the interior is pants!! You would really need to consider some sort of dash conversion and I dont thinkg you find many ferraris in scrapyards to strip the interior out of lol
  12. Real head turner? Do people turn away to avoid being sick??
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