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    Hello All, We went for a test drive of an approved used 1.33 TR Yaris on Saturday and long story short, we should be collecting it this Friday It was rather an inpulsive purchase and I was kicking myself (lambs to the slaughter) for not being more prepared anyway it's a 31 March 2010 model that I am assured by the salesman has 4-1/2 years warrenty remaining (I thought the 5 year warrenty started from June 2010?). Got home and went to the Toyota UK web site and saw that since August 2010 they have been offering the BIG 5 deal for approved used AYGO, Yaris and Auris. Great I thought, so contacted the salesman who has told me that the deal doesn't apply to the car I'm buying? So is the BIG 5 offer on selected used cars only? I can't find anything on the websites to show this as part of the terms and conditions. Thanks, Brian
  2. Hello everyone, Just a quick hello and I hope to find this forum as useful as the UK Skoda forum? We will soon be the proud owners of a Yaris 5 door 1.33 TR just in time for winter Hope we experience some of the Toyota and Yaris reputation for service and reliability. Brian