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  1. Hello Jeff, Which model and year do you have, and it's it petrol or diesel? Regards Ian Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  2. Hi Alan, I'm still not clear on what exactly is happening. Is the behaviour you describe while the starter is engaged? Once running dues the car run ok? Smoke? Misfiring when cold? When you say getting up to idle speed is this on the starter or once the engine has fired? Without a very detailed and accurate description of what's happening is very difficult to envisage what the issue might be Ian
  3. Welcome to the club, What happens when you just try to start the car normally, without the added bells and whistles? Ian
  4. Hi Ian, I don't know about aftermarket parts, but if this happened to me I'd be tempted to source LEDs from fleabay and solder them on the existing board, assuming I could get that plastic cover off. Assuming that is that there are just dead LEDs and the whole board hasn't gone pop. Regards, Ian
  5. Facelift model had 1AD engine and it's auto tensioning on a sprung idler pulley. If that's not doing its job I think replacement is the only option. Ian
  6. Hi sauter, 06 is on the change for the 2.0 diesel engine, do you know which one yours has? Ian
  7. No worries, I've sorted it.
  8. Good morning all, I decided to do the injector seals on my T25 today, and I removed the cam cover successfully, but the first injector I tried to remove looks like it's welded itself in and despite even using a small crowbar won't come out. If anyone has ideas or has experience removing these I'd appreciate the knowledge. Otherwise I'm thinking that it might be a case of see it back up and leave it until it dies, which given his right the injectors seen to be, might be a while. Pretty sure I've removed everything I need to, I do have the procedure from Toyota tech. Thanks for any help.
  9. Nope I was talking about the car anyway if you read my earlier posts, however the original poster wasn't talking about e markers or any other euro-rubbish, he just wanted to know if it would pass the MOT and it likely will.
  10. Again I don't care. It's a safety issue for me, especially on the bike, they make a massive difference.
  11. LEDs are not HIDs, and once they put the car on the beam checker and all looks well, they won't look any further.
  12. If I can find suitable bulbs with a good break pattern I'll happily fit them because they will pass the MOT and not cause a problem to other drivers. I don't care about anything else.
  13. If you check the new mot time rules you'll find that they mention hids only. LEDs do not feel, I have them in my motorbike which originally had h7 halogen bulbs fo fitted. I chose replacements that have very small LEDs therefore give very accurate beam pattern. I've found none that meet my requirements for an old Avensis though. No mot tester will remove your bill bulbs to check they are E marked!
  14. I use only Techstream now, all the other stuff, at least in my price bracket, is inferior. You can find the adaptor ata reasonable price on flea bay, just don't try to flash the ECU with it! Regards Ian