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  1. At last I succeeded in installing the Sony CD/Radio. The Toyota loom which I bought was in fact the correct adapter. I made a mess of it the first time out, but got it right the second time. Thanks for help. Part of the mess-up was my confusion about which exactly was the Toyota installed Radio. There was another item which resembled a radio (not sure what it was, but it was not the radio) - and so its connections did not match the loom adapter. However second time round I located the Radio and everything went fine. Sorry for my ignorance, but thanks for your help and advice. In the end it wor
  2. Thanks for advice. Incidentally I discovered that the loom does connect properly with the Sony CD/radio player. So I'll have another go at the other connection. However I will certainly follow the advice and search those threads - and will get back to you. May take a few days as I am away
  3. I want to install a Sony Stereo/CD/Radio player in my Toyota Yaris (2001). The 2001 Yaris does not have a CD Player and that is the reason. I have purchased a Toyota ISO Lead Wiring Harness Adaptor Loom (PC2-17). This fits perfectly on the Stereo End of the Sony. I have opened the panels etc on the Yaris and extracted to existing Radio/Cassette player. It is Model No 86110 - 52021. I know I am supposed to transfer cables entering this Toyoto radio/cassette palyer onto the Loom. However, at first sight the cables sockets for the Toyota Player seem not to be compatible with my Loom. However
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