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  1. Hi Rosgoe, Thanks for the advice and I agree with you. Unfortunately, corner and rear bumpers damaged beyond repair, but no damage to external paintwork. Insurance company got a price from Toyota main dealer for the parts and they wanted nearly £900. Painting and fitting extra, so they deemed it ‘uneconomical to repair’. I guess the bill would have been around £1500 and clearly mine is not worth £3000+. As far as I understand it, if the repair cost comes to more than 55% of the market value of the vehicle, the insurance companies automatically write the car off. I have really looked after her and low mileage too at 73K. Plenty of life left in the old girl yet! 😉 She just needs a bit of cosmetic surgery and TLC! 😂
  2. Hi JayT and Frostyballs, My insurance company did a total loss (category N) and will claim back off the other driver’s insurance, but because I love the car so much, I bought it back from them and need to repair it. I may have found some parts now off the same model as mine, but still after recommendations for where to look other than EBay or Amazon for a boot liner and the light trims. It seems to be difficult to find accessories for a car that age. Are there any specialist Toyota places for second hand stuff? thanks 😊
  3. Hi all, Have owned my 2003 RAV4 GX for over 10 years now and absolutely love it. Sadly, 10 days ago, some idiot bumped me on the nearside corner whilst I was at traffic lights. Not major damage, only cosmetic. So far, I’ve tried my local breaker yards, EBay, Gumtree, etc, but only found the rear bumper parts I want in Northern Ireland (I am in Cheshire). Ideally would like to see parts before I buy. They need to be a certain colour as I can’t afford a respray. Also looking for chrome tail light trims and genuine Rav4 boot liner. Any advice on where I should look would be gratefully received. Thanks
  4. Happy Birthday Surfgirl!

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