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  1. LMAO kimi will slap your bum bum graham :P stop watch or the stop watch on a nokia :P
  2. yeah seen it dude!!! pretty cool!!! theres a pic of me too on the last page of the JAE write up bottom left :P (pic #19 :D)
  3. loads of pics, but f all writing :( and a cracking picture of me in there :D cheers chuck :P
  4. .............................. i was expecting the aircraft carrier :(
  5. nah you want a rat exhaust system like me
  6. i get 7.0 average (using a G-tech timer) theres not really any other ways of timing it lol
  7. i've got a diesel A4, it is crap, and very boring to drive. dirty horrible oil burners.......... like i said poor peoples cars
  8. i got a 350Z from tesco rwd proper drifter :P i crashed it though lol
  9. what the suzuki slug???? lol ride safe mate ;) oh there was a 700bhp one at the autosport show earlier in the year.
  10. yeah i tappet that in the toilets....... then she returned the favor ;)
  11. looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
  12. gandor = same crap fake carbon effect print as on m3 mirrors :P
  13. diesels make for great generators there good in cars too for poor people
  14. did thump your clenched fist down on the table, and in a raised voice say "cause i like rally!"????
  15. M3 mirrors look great............................. on m3's
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