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    toyota auris d4d 1.4 mmt sr kit
  1. ive had a problem today i took my auris mmt diesel to toyota hodgson at silverlink and told them my clutch was sliping as the revs were riding higher before settling down.once again it was mr sheil the workshop manager who sent a mechanic out .the conclusion was that i must treat this car as a manual and always take my foor of the accelerator and must be sometimes holding the accelerator down as im changing gears which is why they are that its pointing towards premature wear from me..i took out an extended warranty from hodgson toyota 6 weeks ago from these guys .they said the chances are ve
  2. saniasamah

    auris grey

    greay auris just waxed
  3. my sr kitted auris 1.4 d4d mmt
  4. jan van please do me a set for my auris please id pay definitely what a great idea
  5. took car in to toyota silverlink yesterday and me and two others took it for a test drive and the vibration is there when warm hla==alf the time now . passenger me and toyotas mechanic heard felt the vibration under us lukkily and meachanic who went out thought it was three nust rubber type things i told him they replaced them first time it was in what a night mare apart from that its a nice car thinking of just handing it bakk if they dont fix that problem... lets see what happens servicing rang me today..theyllring me tomorow and see what they say been good hodgson toyota gave
  6. hodgson toyota replaced my ecu free of charge on a 2008 mmy 1.4 diesel has improved shame about the other problems really
  7. hi im having a problem with my auris since an ecu upgrade by toyota hodgson 3 weeks ago ,now the car putting it in drive even with foot on the accelerator it doesnt respond for about 5 seconds this only happens when first putting it into drive 1.4 mmt d4d 08 reg toyota put the new ecu under warranty claiming the new ecu would be better with the mmt which it is but didnt have this problem b4 .also now the car seems to be making a loud screaming noise since the snow like a loud screeching noise on initial start up then goes away after about ten seconds the car screams maybe its a loos
  8. i have an auris bakk in t toyota on 17 dec for more work and i got a courtesy car yaris 1.3 petrol mmt and i really liked the car such an improvement to the old one
  9. my auris has been good in the snow d4d mmt....would fiting snow tryes be ok if i wanted to drive in the summer with winter tyres too or would they make to uch road noise thanksx
  10. hi got car bakk 5 days ago and they replaced the steering rack..and also put an update ecu for the mmt without me asking got the alloys repired and were great from strt nto finish .i would recomend hodgson toyota silvrerlink taso anyone ..only the noise is bakk not as lous vibration now but a low boon noise whnen crar is hot isnt it somethink to do with exhausts wit h it being a bouble exhaust thanks again
  11. had my auris for twenty minutes and hearing rattles from interior weird noise like coins being clanked together then weird vibration in drivers floorpan toyota say its the exhaust bolts need replacing .then window jets need replacing so had it sent in on friday and got the car on monday they have toyota hodgsom at the silverlink have been good bless them.oho also alloys were reppairedafter being scuffed in a bad way .laquer was coming of alloys .all in all bad but steve has been good and got a coutesy car,,car was also pulling to the right maybe trakking was out..heres hopinh i get it
  12. auris d4d 1.4 mmt would you reccomend thid box for this car as i d prefer the remap route
  13. i just pikked my car from toyota hodgson in silverlink and the salesman steve was spoton unfortunately 2 days later i realise the lacquer is peeling off some of the alloys .and also a vibration under the drivers floorpan which is very annoying .also rattles from either parcel shelf or boot.also lastly like the car has another engine with a low boom mkimg noise which is happening when it is warm anyone help as only had the cR 2 DAYS AND PAID CASH TAking car in tomorow to hodgson silverlink so ill keep you guys posted on how it goes
  14. just bought a auris have a vibration under driver floorpan and general low loud noise when driving other than engine any help appreciated car was bought 2 days ago
  15. my auris d4d mmt yesterday started to vibrate under the drivers floor anyone help seems like the exhaust hitting the floorpan or vibrating of it secondly turning hearing a click click sound im not a mechanic please help advice needed
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