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  1. well if it doesnt then it wouldnt be throwing up that fault code ;) http://repairpal.com/OBD-II-Code-P0402
  2. If its a 1.6 vvti T3 as in his signiture ;) and has an EGR valve its gunna be a petrol engine. so on that note you more than likely just need to give it a clean and you will be all good again.
  3. Have you got a passenger side wing mirror (electric) ? Regards Phil
  4. im loving that towing eye were did you manage to get that from ??
  5. lovely Black Diesel corolla on the M3 (junc 4 - 3) going toward london at about 7:15 am on the 29-06-2011 one of the nicest looking corollas i have seen and hopefully a TOC member. :) couldnt get the reg sadly :(
  6. to late they sold to me ;) they were a bargin too :)
  7. nope they are perfectly legal and should shine just as bright as OEM ones, just without the fried egg effect :) your may find they do get brighter as the silver coat wears off but im scepticle of that.
  8. http://www.tuning-in.eu/toyota/toyota-corolla/ great site i used to use for idea for my AE111 corolla :)
  9. i second that. BUT if your just intrested in stopping stone chips ( thats what they are designed for ) then why not just get some clear vinyl put over the front of the bonnet then u keep your looks and keep the protection.
  10. AE111 - 1993 - 2000 - SR, G6, G6R shape AE112 - 2000(?) - 2007 - T-sport shape
  11. That naughty boy is a fully trained IMI vehicle elctrician and car audio fitter. but what do i know *shrugs*
  12. if you look at the amp point both dials to 3 oclock and your sorted on the fly active sub :) yes carpets come up real easy once center console and sill plates are removed, i personaly removed the passenger seat too as i like room to work...
  13. passenger side up behide the heater box there is a gromet slit it with a knife carefully and then feed it through there, run the power done the sill of teh car too boot. run teh remote and phono cable down the middle of the car under centre console so it far away from all power cables.
  14. i had 2 of them in my G6R and loved every minute of it, need good quality cabling tho i paid about £60 just for the wiring kit.
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