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  1. gjnorthall

    Towbar mounted winch

    There are many removable winches available which can be mounted on a standard tow ball. The removable tow ball is attached to a mount bolted to the front chassis leg. On the basis that the front tow eye mount is designed to be capable of towing the vehicle weight - a decent winch installation should be capable of handling a similar weight. Talk to someone like Watling Engineering about your requirements. I have no real knowledge of removable winches apart from the fact that they're heavy and difficult to manhandle!
  2. gjnorthall

    Rav4 Hot start problem

    The fact is that the you state that the car generally runs as well as it has ever done. This would tend to rule out several potential problems. All cars are subject to wear and tear and if you removed the injectors for testing on any car with a fair mileage - the injectors would not meet original spec. Dripping injectors can cause hot starting problems and the injector testing outfit should report back on exactly what the issue is with the injectors. Unless there's some supporting evidence, there's little justification in the expense of removing and rig testing injectors in the first place. The problem you describe has come up many times on this forum and in many cases has been been associated with battery, starter motor, cables or bad / dirty connections. Although it may sound OK - the starter motor needs to exceed a certain speed before the engine will start and often performance is restored when the motor cools down. It's quite easy to measure the cranking speed, current draw and motor terminal voltage with the engine cold and hot in order to confirm / rule out the starter system. It's worth bottoming out the starter system before embarking on other potentially expensive options.
  3. gjnorthall

    Towbar mounted winch

    Which RAV4? Hand or electric unit? Do you intend to use the car on public roads? There are off the shelf solutions for the Land Cruiser but as far as I know - you’d need to fabricate a bracket and mounting plate for a Rav. Owners have used a Suzuki SJ bumper and adapted to fit. In order to be legal you’d also need to fit a winch bumper to protect pedestrians in the event of an impact. Your insurance company may not be happy (ie would impose conditions and cost) and some companies may decline to insure.
  4. gjnorthall

    2008 DCAT problems not yet solved

    Fuel range may be a red herring - the algorithm is based on historical consumption and would be affected if the battery was disconnected. Unless they are well versed in updating software and diagnostics, I think that you would struggle with the independent garages in this case. Do you know by any chance, the version number of the software that was last installed?
  5. gjnorthall

    2011 Dcat White smoke problem

    Did the problem start out of the blue or has it been apparent for a while? It will be interesting to see if loading the software in the TSB solves the problem. It’s sometimes useful to wire something up to indicate when the 5th injector is being energised in order to ascertain if this is happening when not expected, and to see if it ties in with smoke emission.
  6. gjnorthall

    2008 DCAT problems not yet solved

    It’s conceivable that an injector or other air / fuel issue could result in excessive soot formation which in turn would result in excessive regeneration. However the issue would need to be pretty bad - there are plenty of badly maintained / high mileage diesels around which don’t suffer problems - though it’s fair to say that excessive regeneration is an often raised subject - VW group engines seem to suffer more than most. It sounds as if your car is well looked after and I’d guess that Toyota have checked for rich running type issues, but it may be worth raising this with them. I can only suggest that you go back toToyota to complain that they haven’t resolved the excessive regeneration issue. It may be prudent to remind them that if they are scratching their heads, they have the expertise of the Toyota technical centre to help them.
  7. gjnorthall

    Something for free!

    Gone I’m afraid. Many mats sold on eBay etc and listed for the 4.2 are a poor fit in the 3 door - they don’t have the scalloped cut outs on the front mats that fit around the raised areas of the floor. I had several sets of the mats made from the pattern of Toyota originals so if you email Ambassador Car Mats with the photo they’ll be able to make you a set - around £20 delivered.
  8. gjnorthall

    Warning message

    Your owners manual describes all the warnings which appear from time to time on the instrument panel.
  9. gjnorthall

    stiff steering wheel

    Lack of power assistance when starting from cold is usually due to a slipping power steering pump belt - it's often accompanied with a squeal from the belt. The pump has to work harder when the fluid is cold and more viscous and usually power assistance returns pretty quickly. Check and, if necessary, adjust the belt tension. Additionally, check the level in the PS reservoir, top up if necessary and check the PS system for any leaks.
  10. gjnorthall

    Low fuel warning light always off (RAV4 2003 3-door)

    The parts diagram doesn’t show replaceable bulbs so it’s essentially a sealed unit. Digital dashboard companies would however, be able to repair whether it’s a bulb type issue or an electronic circuit board issue. The light is triggered by the feed to the gauge so provided the gauge works ok then it’s not the sender unit at fault and it would also suggest that the wiring and connections to the head are ok.
  11. gjnorthall

    Rav 4.3 2008 2.2 - time to go?

    A relatively small percentage of Ravs succumb to the oil burning /head gasket issue - the vast majority go on to cover a healthy mileage without issue. Provided that your car doesn’t exhibit classic signs of oil usage / coolant loss then chances are that it will be fine. It’s a bit concerning though when you say no major loss of coolant - there should be zero loss of coolant except if you have an external leak. You don’t mention the mileage but smoke under heavy acceleration is often a symptom of wear. It’s fine to use regular fuel but it’s much more preferable to use branded rather than supermarket diesel
  12. gjnorthall

    Air/Con Pulley

    Excellent. A few people on this forum have repaired the clutch in the manner you describe and saved a fortune. Unfortunately garages and aircon specialists will invariably go for a new / service exchange unit rather than attempt a repair. I stand to be corrected, but I'd see no problem at all in posting links to relevant information in the public domain.
  13. gjnorthall

    Strange noise when pulling off

    The Pagid discs are coated and it will take a couple of hundred miles for the discs and pads to bed in fully. If the noise continues after this - the garage will need to check the brakes. Specifically check that the sliding pins are moving freely, the anti rattle shims are fitted and the pad slides are lubricated with Ceratec.
  14. gjnorthall

    Toyota Rav 2004/5 2.0 Petrol Manual

    Is it the same noise in 4th or 5th gear? When was the rear differential oil last replaced?
  15. gjnorthall

    Air/Con Pulley

    I think terminology has caused confusion. The belt turns the compressor pulley at engine speed. The hub of the pulley turns when the clutch is energised - with the aircon off -the hub doesn’t rotate. If the hub is rotating at times with the aircon off - the clutch is dragging ie not fully disengaging. With the aircon switched on, the clutch is not activated continuously - the compressor cycles on an off depending on the level of liquid refrigerant in the system. In this respect, your aircon appears to be operating normally. Each time the clutch is activated, you should hear a distinct click and you may detect a slight change in engine speed. The rattle and clutch drag would suggest that the clutch unit is worn or damaged. If you search on this forum you’ll find that some owners have repaired the clutch assembly. Otherwise the pulley / clutch is a bolt on unit which can be replaced. Might be worth taking the car to a local auto aircon specialist for an opinion.