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  1. gjnorthall

    4.2 D4d Scv Valve Replacement

    Toyota only supply the full filter head. I've heard of owners of various vehicles installing a separate inline NRV in the fuel line.
  2. gjnorthall

    4.2 D4d Scv Valve Replacement

    I think the valve in question - circled yellow is called "valve assembly - vacuum switching" in the parts catalogue. If the fuel filter housing plunger doesn't remain firm, then air is getting into the system. This is a common problem which results in poor starting and I'd sort this before changing the starter motor. Try pumping the plunger if the car doesn't start straight away. There is either an air leak in somewhere back to the tank or the non-return valve in the filter head is faulty. In the case of an air leak - fuel will leak out when the car stands - look for evidence of a wet area on fuel lines etc.
  3. gjnorthall

    4.2 D4d Scv Valve Replacement

    I think it's fair to dismiss the SCV's as being faulty. I presume you're talking about the VSV (vacuum sensing valve) - sometimes referred to as the VRV (vacuum regulating valve). Sticking of this valve affects boost and often doesn't result in a code. If you remove the valve and shake it - you should feel the shuttle moving from side to side. If you don't, then it's stuck and WD40 will often free it but the results may be short lived . Better still is to spray carburettor cleaner through the valve - drain it - spray WD40 then ensure that any remaining liquid is drained fully. If the WD 40 clean sorts the hesitation problem then you can be reasonably confident that replacing the valve will permanently sort the problem. For any issue of poor starting, hesitation etc - the first port of call should be the fuel filter. unless you know that it's recently been changed - it's wise to replace it using a good quality element.
  4. gjnorthall

    Front Bumper

    Go to http://www.japan-parts.eu/toyota/eu/2004/rav4/aca20r-azmnkw/3_662220_004_/body/7652_spoiler-side-mudguard/1#75625D If you touch the item number, it will display the description and part number. As well as the extension piece, you’ll need the pad alongside and on top of the extension piece as well as the bolts and sockets (x3). The pad and extension piece come in several colours so if you order from your Toyota dealer, you’ll need your reg to get the correct colour parts. Otherwise you can input your VIN on the website to get the correct part numbers. If you buy from a breakers then give them a photo of the area of the missing piece (front bumper extension -left)
  5. gjnorthall

    4.2 D4d Scv Valve Replacement

    This is marginally above the spec but the reading is consistent between the two valves. This simply indicates that the solenoid part of the valve is probably OK but tells you nothing about the main valve part. Faulty SCV's will usually throw up a code and the engine will display characteristic symptoms of an SVC valve fault.
  6. gjnorthall

    Is my Rav4 worth saving?

    Legal cover is something entirely different. Your insurance policy covers insured losses eg accident damage, theft of vehicle, cracked windscreen etc etc. Your accident is covered under the terms of your insurance policy. Legal cover is an add on which covers you for things not covered by your insurance policy - eg pursuing a claim to recover your policy excess from a third party. There is something very wrong when an insurance company ignores your request to pursue a claim on a fully comprehensive policy. The exception would be when you decide to pursue a claim yourself and inform the insurance company "for information only". The insurance company would usually play this back to you to ensure that you understand that you're going it alone I don't think that you've consigned your car to the scrapheap for no reason! It's quite likely that the car would have been written off but your insurance company would have taken the load off you and the damage and loss would have been assessed by the party having your best interests. The third party insurance will obviously pursue the interests of their insured. I obviously don't have all the facts, but on the face of it, I would be making a formal complaint to the Insurance Ombudsman. This would include the fact that you have been disadvantaged in several aspects. In particular the inaction of your insurance company may have been prejudicial in obtaining a fair settlement.
  7. gjnorthall

    Is my Rav4 worth saving?

    The angle of the front wheel would suggest that this is more than a broken driveshaft and could be a can of worms. It appears that the wheel has taken the brunt of the collision - it may have been turned out on partial lock whilst the car was parked. You would have needed expert advice before considering a repair settlement. The devil is of course in the detail - but if you had fully comp insurance - your insurance company is in breach of their obligations. They cannot wash their hands of the matter and should have acted in your best interests. As a minimum, the car should have been recovered to their approved repairer (or one of your choice) for a full evaluation. It's not good enough to leave you to deal with the third party - infact a decent insurance company would not want you to enter into direct debate with the third party or their insurers. Was this a known insurance company or a Lloyds syndicate?
  8. gjnorthall

    Is my Rav4 worth saving?

    If the claim has been settled on a total loss basis - the car will be declared Car N or maybe Cat S - as such, it wouldn’t be an attractive repair prospect for anyone.
  9. gjnorthall

    Parking sensors don't like rain

    Many cars suffer from issues with front sensors in wet weather caused by water droplets or the effects of wet road surfaces. Nissan, for example, have had recalls to fit improved sensors / modify software. There are also the aforementioned issues of driving bumper to bumper etc. It wouldn't be difficult to fit a switch on the dashboard wired to isolate the sensors normally and activate when required.
  10. gjnorthall

    Is my Rav4 worth saving?

    The US 4.3 was the same body shape etc as the UK version but the engines were significantly bigger and thirstier. There is a 2.4 litre version as well as a V6 3.5 version. Auto transmission would be standard. Mileage is an important consideration, especially from a price point of view. Theres nothing really special about a 4.3 - so apply the same principles of examination as you would for any car. If you know the registration number - you can get the MOT history on line. This can give some idea of how the car has been treated. Service history documents are most desirable and their absence is a price haggling point. If buying privately - consider getting a HPI check carried out and beware of a car being sold without a V5 registration document.
  11. gjnorthall

    Is my Rav4 worth saving?

    If you want a soft roader of compact size - consider Honda CR-v, Honda HR-v, Suzuki Jimny, Suzuki Vitara, Daihatsu Terios. ............. if it's 4WD capability you want for wet grass, tracks etc then theres other options such as the Suzuki SX4 4x4. Compared to your 3 door Rav4 - the 4.3 is rather bigger. The Terios has the same sort of capability as your Rav - it's not a particularly roomy or refined car but the later versions are good value for money. Daihatsu no longer sell in the UK but there isn't an issue with parts availability. Heres my 2006 Rav4.3 which I sold in 2014 - excellent car.
  12. gjnorthall

    How to separate 2.0 Diesel engine & gearbox

    Wedges driven in diagonal positions might be better
  13. gjnorthall

    Is my Rav4 worth saving?

    There was recall in the US to replace the diff coupling due to an issue with bearing failure. This didn’t extend to the Uk
  14. gjnorthall

    Is my Rav4 worth saving?

    Presumably this is a petrol version and if so they are pretty free of issues. Certainly the diff isn’t a problem area - on high mileage / abused cars the diff mounting can fail but it’s not a big deal. When test driving the car - check for knocks whining or rumbling. The diff holds less than a litre of oil which needs changing on the service schedule.
  15. gjnorthall

    How to separate 2.0 Diesel engine & gearbox

    The transfer shaft has to be pulled out of the gearbox -this could take quite a bit of effort. This splined shaft will bind if the transfer box isn’t pulled away straight. The transfer box needs to be supported so that the transfer box isn’t hanging on the transfer shaft. You may need to lever the units apart - the transfer shaft may well be a tight fit.