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  1. Hi All I just wanted to update my post on the tyres we had snow for 2 weeks the first 2 days i had the standard dualer tyres fitted which did not work out to good in terms of driving in the snow. I then had fitted a set of 4 BF Goodridge TA with the all terrian pattern jeep was fantastic go anywhere over mountain roads and all no problem. They seem to be as good in the wet as dualers so i am very happy as i live in a Hilly area and i can get around no problem in the snow. 1200 miles done so far. If i have any problems i will post here......... Thanks
  2. Hi all I was looking to change the Tyres on my 09 Hilux crew cab the standard Bridgestone dueler HT are not up to much in my humble opinion I have been doing some research and I think my options come down to this either vertistein winter Tyres or BF Goodrige TA. My concern is that although I would like terrain Tyres for the winter snow as I live in hilly area and my occasional off road adventures. I drive a lot of motorway miles and I would be concerned about handling in wet conditions at motorway speeds. Any help or advice would be much appreciated ....... Thanks Gerry
  3. Hi I have just bought an 09 3.0 crew cab in the last 4 weeks and I am having the same problem with the alarm it could go off 3 times today or tonight and then be ok for a week. A friend has suggested that if your phone goes off in the jeep on vibrate that that can trigger the alarm so I have made sure that I do not leave my phone in the jeep the last few days and so far the alarm has not gone off but as I said it could be ok for a week .... I can't think what else can be causing it unless some of them are faulty ? I will let you know if I find the reason. Regards Gerry
  4. Hi Guys I have just joined your forum which looks very good with a lot of information on it. I have just purchased an 09 Hilux crew cab 3.0 black and i am looking to fit a double loop roll bar which i have purchesed but i also would like to fit either a roll and lock cover or a mountain top style cover but i am wondering if this can be done as i cant seem to find any pictures on line of the 2 fitted together. I have searched your forum but i havent found any threads on this if i have missed 1 please excuse me. Thanks in advance for any help / advice offered ......... Gerry