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  1. wahooooo I got 36mpg on a long run up the M1 - A1 sticking to the speed limit cos of the over concentration of police speed traps on the lower part of the A1.
  2. Rotherham/Barnsley area, god's own county :P Sheff hallam student :D
  3. Pete3S-FE


    That'd be ace, :D , Sorry to be awkward :P
  4. Pete3S-FE


    aye but it's still carina-e.com :P i'm guessing the car stickers will say carina-e.com too :P
  5. What's the steering wheel like? (only thing i don't like on mine) I'd love to take the 3s-ge off ure hands but i can't afford it. Weird request but if no-one has the boot can i buy the badges (i'm presuming there the solid type not jus decals like on my carina II) the whole "2.0 GTI toyota Carina E" bit. Pete
  6. Pete3S-FE


    Lol it's a big decision, post here or on carina-e.com, but seen as it's carina-e.com and not carina.com i'll post here :P sorry rach :P I ain't a genius on ure particular engine mate, i'm not 100% on the throttle body used. If it's got a plenum accross the top then i'd get a samco 45% pipe on there, then an aluminium pipe (not forgetting to add the air intake temp sensor in there somewhere), then have a universal filter at the end of the pipe. If' u've got a throttle body sat in the middle behind the engine then a samco 90hose may allow u to do the same but might have to put another bend in t
  7. I went, me and my Girlfriend had our orange wristbands (show car drivers :), tho we went on sunday and it was miserable, not many decent cars either. Tho there was a nice K11 micra on the micra sports club stand, with a wonderful flip paint effect done by Steve at Barwell Bodyworks Pete
  8. Lol Jim didn't realise it was you, hehe you've been in my car Andy informs me :P hehe, yeah i was gettin about 21.9mpg. But since howard and andy have been tinkering the fuel economy has gradually crept up, i haven't worked it out but i will do tommoro probably. Lol i've also been told mines faster than ure's :P lol couldn't resist. Speak to u soon jim
  9. until very recently i was getting around 20mpg but were not quite sure what was going on there, it'd manage about 200ish miles on a tank. But this last tank it's managed 306miles so far, so i'm guessing my fuel economy has improved slightly:p Maybe it's because i've used a little less right foot. Lol u might guess i've got a 3S-FE in a Carina II, from before the emissions garbage was added.
  10. 30mpg? that's pretty good i think. If u can improve on that then ure doing well.
  11. lol u don't wanna depressureise the system, gettin sprayed with neat petrol is half the fun :P
  12. Jus an idea but when was the timing belt last done? someones pointed out to me that they can be lax when the belt gets to a certain age, I know it isn't an easy job to do (mine was done three weeks ago :S) but it can affect the way it runs. Mines an 88 and i'm sure there's numerous things wrong with it, apart from replace everything i'm a little stuffed. Sometimes it'll feel really strong and sometimes it'll be hesitent etc... b00dy thing. Oh well good luck with ure troubles.
  13. I can't say for certain, but a friend (who i've not spoken to for a while) said he was getting about 21mpg. I think. My dad's V6 Eurovan isn't far off that at around 17mpg.
  14. no, take the air filter housing out ( i presume the carina e is similar to the 11 in this respect) use ure 14mm pipe ( or flared nut spanner whatever u called it) spanner to undo the bottom nut, be careful u undo the nut and not try to undo the fuel filter body, u'll see what i mean on the replacement. Once u've un-done this nut and the pressure is releaved, undo the top nut with a standard (decent quality) socket, unbolt from bulhead and re-fit new one making sure u put in the new copper washers in on the top joint. Pete
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