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  1. Hi guys, I have tried searching for this and couldn't find anything so apologies if this has been covered before. I'm wanting to know for towbar wiring. Does anyone know if the MK2 4.2 2005 Rav4 2.0 vvti had canbus? I had a 2002 and the towing electrics were just wired to the light's wiring no bypass relay used. I thought it would be the same for all MK2 Ravs but someone has given me reason to doubt and ask the question. Any advice would be greatly appreciated thank you.
  2. @Hoovie great info but for some reason I cannot see the photos. Have they been taken down?
  3. Thanks @namead what was the situation at MOT time with the aftermarket HID Xenons / LED dip?
  4. Hi Richie, I've recently run a Miller Oils injector cleaner through and also a tank of Shell Super Diesel along with now also treating Shell normal diesel with Miller Oil additive. Not sure it it just makes me feel better but on last two fill ups I've done a physical miles per gallon check and up to around 38 mpg which is a little better. Still feel like this engine isn't as fuel efficient as the previous two Rav4's I've had but it's livable. I agree on the motorway dropping cruising down to under 70mph does seem to have a surprisingly drastic effect on fuel economy, but then as you say it does seem sooooooooo slow and you start mixing it with vans and trucks more which is interesting to put it politely! Another "niggle" is the push to start / stop feature, maybe I'm old school but I like to see the glow plug light come on then turn the final amount to start. The push button seems to struggle to start especially on a cold morning like we're having of late. Battery is well charged and I always top it up if needed with a smart charger. I guess it could be a glow plug issue or possibly a slightly off injector, but would of thought that would cause further running issues which so far (touch wood) don't seem to be present. Not sure on the "blowing noise" I'll make a point to listen and check if mine does the same.
  5. Hi Jonesi, did you get any further with this? I've been looking at the HB3 main beam bulbs as the ones I had weren't brilliant and the upgraded "E" marked ones I have tried are not much of an improvement. The LED ones look good, but mention a resistor may be needed, has anyone tried them and if so is a resistor needed? I know there is also the issue of finding ones "E" marked for road use.
  6. Thanks Mark for the input, it's not the T180 which I know from a friend having one was more thirsty than my 2007 2.2 which I had a few years ago. That was driven no harder or easier than the latest 2.2 2011 model I've got, everything has been checked to be clean and clear and tyre pressures all correct, all at same tread depth and all the same make and pattern of tyre. I'm just totally confused how this can be approx 10mpg worse than the 2007 model.
  7. Thanks for that @FROSTYBALLS, well that makes me wonder why mine is doing so poorly :(
  8. Update, I've spoken to a diesel tuner who i respect and trust, they say the DPF only uses a small amount of fuel so that will not make a significant of notable difference. They advised checking the Mass flow air meter is clean, and the air filter is standard, non-oil type, both were clean and standard. They also suggested giving the Rav a hard drive to get the DPF up to temp and burn off any cr@p, which again I have done. Any help and advice, even if it's what other 2011 150bhp 2.2 d4d Ravs are averaging MPG wise would be helpful. PS if @anchorman is still on here his help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  9. Hi as I said its a manual and as far as I'm aware they don't do anything other than a 2.2 diesel in the 2011 model? Again as far as i was aware there was only a 2L diesel in 2002 and 2.2L 138 bhp diesel in 2007. Both were manual transmission. I don't know if the 2002 or 2007 had a DPF. Thanks.
  10. Hi guys, Hope everyone is having a good Christmas. After a short break from Ravs (not my choice due to a company vehicle) I'm now back in a 2011 D4D manual. I love everything about it except the fuel economy, or should I say lack of it! I've had a 2002 and last was a 2007 rav4 both diesels and both averaged around 40 mpg with a mixture of driving them hard and careful and long and short runs. Nothing much as changed to usage, but this latest 2011 one is only averaging around 30mpg. I know it's slightly up on hp to 150bhp, but on paper (and I know you have to take them with a slight pinch of salt) the figures show it should be even better on fuel than the previous two models. Has anyone else had the same issues or know if they are all like it please? Oh just to add its only done 43K and full Toyota SH. Ive been running it on Shell diesel since buying it in October, with Miller Oil eco max diesel additive to to try and clean up they system as I suspect it will have been run on supermarket diesel. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Thanks again Anchorman! If it helps anyone I got the Sealey VS7112 "Oil Filter Cap Wrench" which worked perfectly http://www.tool-net.co.uk/p-371800/sealey-vs7112.html?gclid=Cj0KEQiA9eamBRDqvIz_qPbVteABEiQAnIBTEFPcizU640lv6v95QaYMA6IwcneaUq24xlI530JOql4aAuZA8P8HAQ :)
  12. What about 2013 wheels will they fit too?
  13. Hi everyone, Does anyone know if 2012 model wheels will fit a 2007 D4D?
  14. I'm going to be mounting them on small brackets in front of grill so no issues with heat and they don't get that hot.
  15. I'm wanting to fit a pair of LED CREE spotlights to my 4.3. Old school method was take a live feed to a relay off a switched live to the main beam, BUT I know more modern vehicles have more complicated electronic systems so I don't want to "mess anything up" The lights will each only draw 0.9 amp @ 12v so I guess a relay isn't really needed, but I was thinking of making them independant from main beam.... Do Toyota have a spare "pre-wired" loom you can tap into for additional lights as I am sure they expect people wanting additional lights fitted? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated...thank you.
  16. Thanks again Chris! The number plate is on the back door so no worries about obstruction issues if I go for a fixed one.
  17. Hi Chris, thanks for the info I only need single electrics and have been quoted £175.00 for a fixed and £260.00 for a demountable, fitted and working by a local (ish) towbar centre. How does this compare to the DIY route?
  18. Ok thanks Kingo, could you PM me a price for this along with a towbar single electric harness as per the other thread please ;)
  19. Ok thanks so much Gust and Denshaw, unfortunately I am at my budget limit for a 2007 and want a nice one with low miles FSH etc. I have been told about the "plug n play" chips, but have then heard mixed reports, some saying it you're having it done get a proper ECU remap, where as others say thay are OK!?
  20. I am looking to fit a towbar on my (new to me) 2007 4.3 D4D. Can anyone say if it is as easy as a 4.2 (i.e just splice into the rear brake light wires) or do you need a special harness, as I know newer vehicles have more complicated electrical systems? Basically I'm trying to weigh up if it's worth doing myself or paying for a towbar centre to do. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!
  21. I have been looking at the 4.3 2007 and 2008 models on Autotrader. For the 2007 it gives this:- Fuel consumption (urban) 34.9 mpg Fuel consumption (extra urban) 50.4 mpg Fuel consumption (combined) 42.8 mpg 0 - 62 mph 10.5 seconds Top speed 112 mph Cylinders 4 Valves 16 v Engine power 136 bhp Engine torque 229 lbs/ft And for the 2008 this:- Fuel consumption (urban) 39.2 mpg Fuel consumption (extra urban) 56.5 mpg Fuel consumption (combined) 48.7 mpg 0 - 62 mph 10.2 seconds Top speed 118 mph Cylinders 4 Valves 16 v Engine power 150 bhp Engine torque 251 lbs/ft Can anyone explain if the difference increase in bhp, mpg, torque, top speed etc is down to a different ecu map on the same engine, or if there is an different engine in them? Also if it is just a different ecu map is it possible to "upgrade" a 2007 to a 2008 map? Thanks in advance...
  22. Can anyone tell me if you can remove the seats from the 2.2 D4D 2006, 2007 models? I think it's a great feature on the 4:2 and make use of it quite a lot. My sister has a 2008 and I can't see that the seats will remove only slide and fold. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated! :)
  23. Hi I'm after a newer shape 2.2D4d, can anyone tell me if the rear seats remove on the 06 models? My sister had an 08, they slide and fold, but don't remove which I think is a backward step!
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