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  1. Nice one, cant see what the link meant to show lol hong kong is mad place came back from there in september, i go nearly every year lol where in HK you from ? Not many corolla hatch most are saloons a few Corolla RunX here and there :)
  2. In need of some new engine bay bolts, anyone know of a online store seling anodised ones, mine corroded doesnt look good :( i tried ebay but that comes with 'original' ones unless im not trying hard engine but i give it another go in a bit, i seen some engine bays with coloured anodised ones, thnks
  3. Thanks, ok as far as stuff already painted im 'newbie' to this but wouldnt 'wet sand down again' defeat the object of giving it a coat of primer in first place ? ie paint & remove it again as sanding it down does that ?? not questioning your knowledge at all if it sounds like that, when it comes to this you know more than i do after all, i only ever prepped a unpainted grill so doing a painted one slightly different :) cheers
  4. Hi I seen some JDM antenna's or some which JDM style on various american/australian websites, anyone know what radio reception be like, according to ebay usa they said its good or 'better' reception, i assume australia & america corolla / lexus is200 use the same type of antenna's fitted to euro / uk spec corolla's (the long thin type) & lexus is200's when they call them JDM antenna''s Chheers
  5. Does anyone know what the name of these number plate fonts on this link below : Click here I think there cool i never seen them here in UK & cant find any like this on number plate constrctor websites for show/off road plates, these are bit different to the UK standard fonts, ignore the crystal licence plate with clear plastic underneath the lettering, there not sold in UK virtually no one here sells this or even heard of them here :( i tried, its only sold in Hong Kong but for 'show/off road' use only as Hong Kong plates are based in the british standard number plates over there.
  6. Cheers We i got few stuff to do on the car some which need to be body shop anyway so may get them to do that same time, however my last attempt at painting a grille was gd turn out i thouhgt 3 yrs later still in good nick ! if only it was warmer i sure give it a go ! decisions...
  7. I got a second hand TTE sport grille for me 2003 corolla prefacelift it is in silver but need it painting blue(colour of my corolla) is it easy to do ? what is needed to do it, like the process ? what type of sanding paper i need, i only ever sanded down primered and painted a un painted grille never experienced something thats already painted ? my concern is removing the silver paint already on it as i gues you dont just spray paint over it ! lol Cheers
  8. Wow looking great like the dark headlights !
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