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  1. seen one like this a while back here in ireland. tis was a big surprise.
  2. man im diggin the paint job lookin boss. hey one more, did u replace the material that goes just above the window controls or is that the one that originally comes with fl models? cause my pfl style has gone quite faded.
  3. its one of THESE (i didnt buy it from this guy maybe you can find one cheaper but that's the model) They say its black but when you see the color in person you can really see the difference it has like a bluish look so for the finish i just got a spray can of MATT Black paint gave it 2 or 3 coats and it was good to go. in direct sunlight you can spot a bit of a difference but from a side view looks similar to the dash.
  4. that looks awesome, love the facia and the red white combo goes perfect. what HU is that? Its DEH-3200UB, i use it mostly with my ipod good unit does what i need it to.
  5. very happy with my result, no looking back since. fascia has a matte finish to match the rest.
  6. really like the look mate. those wheels look class! what are they?
  7. grill Thats the one I got, it fits as well as the OEM and in my eyes is an absolute bargain any chance of photo, iv been planing to do this but the photos iv seen so far don't really impress me that much. @OP sorry to take over your topic.
  8. you sure take good care of her, she is lookin well!!
  9. lol you ruined my dreams of getting side skirts with that reply haha, though it might be some online shop that sell them. i guess ill have another look really want just some simple ones.
  10. looks good mate, i like the grill fits nicely with the black wrap. good job. how much did the grill run you?
  11. a thing of beauty. wait gotta wipe the saliva off my mouth. :o
  12. "how low can you go...." :D i must say that was pretty lowwwwww. nice look anyhow.
  13. 20 years old first insureance I managed to get mine down from 1679 euro to 1320 but dont know if this will work for you. Found two brokers which were providing me with police from the same company, rang between them and they both bumped it down to 1320 and that was the lowest i could get it down to. So ended up with a good saving just by haggling with those brokers. So if you wanna go that route try doing this with brokers.
  14. wow she can roar!!! nice one.
  15. yea gotta agree madvinegar, that is one of the best lookin rollas out there. really great look overall!! as far as your plan, i say leave the alloys as they are, or go with option n2, i can see where you coming from just hungry for a new look thats all :D
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