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  1. Sorry mate, wouldn't split the set anyway. I'm selling as a complete set of four
  2. We sold my wifes MK2 Yaris (ours was a 2008 TR) and I now have a set of steel wheels with Hankook Ice Bear W300 tyres fitted for sale. The tyres have covered about 2,000 miles from new and are perfect. The steel rims are genuine Toyota 15" and the tyres are 185 x 60 x 15 as Toyota recommend. I also include a set of 16 wheel nuts suitable for steel wheels and Toyota wheel trims I'm in the Newcastle area and collection must be in person only. Looking for £200, no offers. Please pm if interested
  3. Thanks, I'll give them a ring tomorrow
  4. Thanks for the info John, it's the newest one I'm not sure about, whether they kept the same offset on the wheels etc.
  5. Hi, our 2008 Yaris is going soon, sad to see it go as it has been a great car. I have a set of 15" winter steel wheels and tyres for it....... Would they also fit the new shape Yaris?
  6. Have RMB checked it over fully? It's possible a partial engine seizure could cause that sort of deceleration in gear.
  7. Are the rear windows power operated on a 5 door or not? If it's only affecting the front window perhaps the window mechanism has siezed or broken, leading to an overload on the circuit
  8. It could be any number of things - take it back to the dealer and leave it with them overnight. That way they can investigate on a cold engine. They should look at this under warranty as well
  9. I guess the alarm is working on detecting a voltage drop and the knackered battery was providing this as it lost its charge. Hopefully the new battery should see a solution to your problem. Other cars do have seperate battery for the alarm, but I don't know about the Yaris.
  10. Blackcircles have Conti 2's listed for a tad under £80, so the Toyota Dealer isn't too bad for price (Hodgsons?) I don't know where you are but try ringing Tyre Spot in Wideopen or NE Tyres on the Silverlink and ask them to beat the Blackcircles price. Both are fitting centres for Blackcircles and I'm sure would be happy not to have to push profit Blackcircles way
  11. Surely if no one else is reporting it as a problem, then that means that you have got a definite issue and it's not a "feature of this car sir" They should rectify/change under warranty as it's abnormal
  12. If you can't get the part, take the car to a sunroof installer and see if they can fit a larger size sunroof in the car for you. Hopefully would outlast the car before it started leaking again
  13. Me too. Inputted a code from another forum I go on and I got 25% of a Bosch S4 with 4yr Guarantee. Came in around £45
  14. That's why we got a petrol 1.3. My two previous cars have been diesels and I had no end of trouble with EGR valves and soot issues
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