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  1. (Floating toothless seat track through belt buckle base, 1 each seat. Why?) 1991 2wd US Federal wagon front seats. Plastic covered flat steel stock. Only attached at rear end by a pivot bolt to center tunnel. Other end just slides through seatbelt buckle mount between mount's bolt and buckle. This track has to be unbolted to remove seat from the car. Then it can be slid right out of the seat. It doesn't seem to do anything I can see. Why is it there?
  2. Oil filter, which length? long or short( FRAM 4386 or 4967) Pretty sure when I first got this 4afe Corolla a dozen or so years ago it had the longer filter, and the longer filter showed on the look-up books and computer at the stores. 89 Tercel took the shorter (FRAM 4967), and there isn't room in the Tercel for the 4386. (The diameter and bases of both filters look the same, and both fit the Corolla.) But now, at Pep Boys, both computer and hanging book list shorter 4386 for the Corolla, and the 4967 for the GTS. What gives? Anything else different about these than length? I put an in-hand short one in the Corolla after head gasket job, and bought two longer ones--a "3X Extra Guard" and a "6X Tough Guard." (I used their Teflon dispersing "Double Guard" before these were discontinued.)
  3. (Any links to threads with more detail greatly appreciated...I did not search here yet, and will gladly delete this thread, if possible, if directed to one on-topic.) At least one blew out at the only bend-it tab (up next to the gas tank). I see no reason proper flare couplings couldn't be used on sections from forward of that to each rear brake. (Line looks good under the plastic housing and up to the proportioning valve.) Regardless whether I do this or install the whole length, factory manual instructs to make up, not purchase as a part, "brake tubing." What size is it? I measure about .190 inch. So 3/16 would be just under and 5 mm just over. (It must be one of these.) Also size and/or threading of end nuts (whatever called) might be helpful. Source of compact flaring tool that won't get used a whole lot? Tube bender? (Really needed, or just bend around somefer cylinder shaped object.) Thanks for any help or insight!