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  1. I do i have the heater on and circulate everything every window drips with water and you cant see out the screen you can only clear it with the vent setting or air con on cold not ideal in the winter
  2. No i dont have the air con on i have it either just blow or heat and blow it just steams up nothing in the car is wet i get in with dry cloths
  3. Hi everyone just come on as not to happy with my new car yet.

  4. If I have my aygo on circulate the air, my aygo gets that steamed up I cannot see out of the windows. I have to put the car onto vent all the time I put the car in curry motors and they said this was normal on this model I cant believe this does anyone else have this problem. On the other hand, can anyone tell me they have no problems with condensation with the heater set circulating? It is an AYGO blue with the air con, but i never use the air con its terrible water running down all the windows and you cannot see out the screen unless i open the windows and put the car onto vent. After severa
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