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  1. Has this car benefited from a new engine under the free goodwill 112k 7 year warranty? These diesels need a good blast up some hills to clean out the DPF. BG244?
  2. A very Happy Birthday mate. Hope you've had a lovely day...
  3. Take a Google search on battery reviews/test. Some of the big motoring magazines have done some. Look at the Bosch batteries as some come with a 5 year guarantee. If you have a Costco card you find them well priced. Also go take a look at ECP sister site carparts4less ( That are cheaper than ECP) and type in Saveme75 on checkout for discount.
  4. The 1st thing to go for is a full synthetic or better still an Ester or double ester oils like Motul 300V ect. EDGE is a cracked hydro carbon even though its the latese VW 507 00 (Until 508 00 ) comes out! I would stick toa 5w-30 grade! But be aware that these grades always tend to have a lowe TBN than the 0w-40 that are found in Mobil 1 0w -40 for anti wear. As long as you go for a full synthetic and not semi! You will be fine. Look for oils with the highest Flash point and Viscosity Index! The higher the number the better. Also go for oil filters like MANN/Mahle/Hengst. Or original ones! The rest are $h!£
  5. http://www.carparts4less.co.uk/?gclid=Cj0KEQiAneujBRDcvL6f5uybhdABEiQA_ojMgvLb09Gp_27Q8PMwhPxMXbfSuaUl4aBkiPR_TKXLEzkaAnIE8P8HAQ Or better still! Go to there sister company and type in on check out! Saveme75 for discount.
  6. I have just bought Gates timing belt kit to do our Grand Voyager 2.8L diesel XS. Some people go for the continental brand. As long as its a good make with good rollers! You'll be okay...
  7. No really!... You should never do that! It's wrong! And they're against it! And it makes you a very bad person! DON'T DO IT. :)
  8. I'd still give it a go! Ooppssss!.... Did I just say what I thought again! Lol. :)
  9. But when you think its £14 instead of 50 quid! It's a no brainer. Btw... I have 20Ltr of unopened( green top) Mobil 1 ESP 5w-30 C2 spec that I will not be using! Open to offers.
  10. I haven't got the time to work out how to do it. But if you go onto the Triple R site and down load the pdf spec file fir the Triple R 5w-40 full synthetic diesel oil! You wil, see it has a good TBN for snti wear. Plus the VI and flash points are very good. Take a look at the Mobil 1 specs! Its not that far away! Apart from the TBN on the Mobil 1 is much better.
  11. Looks very good tbh mate. I would be trying to find out who makes it for them so you could see what the TBN number is plus VI index and Flash and pour points are ect. But I would wing it down to Asda and look at the stuff they have got with is Triple R in Asda bottles for £14 for a 5Ltr can. I bought the 5-40 version which sells on Amazon for £35 plus. I will try and post up the specs that the manufacturer kindly confirm and sent me.
  12. Use a Genuine Toyota filter is the way to go. I agree that using cheap Chinese crap will cause you more problems than they are worth. If you can't get hold of Toyota ones! then use Hengst,MANN or Mahle who make the genuine ones for most of the car manufacturers anyway. Take a Google search to see how these compare to the likes (Of the onces good Welsh) Fram filters! :(
  13. Always look at the API second letter! The further up the alphabet the better the oil! API SN is the latest spec. So SN is better than SM...S=Spark ignition for Petrol fueled engines... C= Compression ignition for Diesel fuel vehicles. There isn't realy specific oils now for oil burners when it comes to synthetics. You will find the likes of Mobil 1 is the same oil in the Petrol can as the Diesel one! Its just that folks with oil burners like to see words like Turbo Diesel oil on the tin. Long gone are the mineral and semi synthetic oils with high alkaline content to combat the acidic diesel fuel...
  14. Synthetic oil does not make an engine start to leak! The truth is there was a leaking gasket before it was used! These leaks (9 times out of 10) come from the rocker cover gasket and leak down the back and sides of the engine block. My 20 year old Celica gt4 205 has full synthetic oil in it! And that doesn't leak oil. Its a myth that had been banded round the internet... Use a full syth! Even better a Ester or double Ester oil like Mobil 300V (If spec's allow) your engine wil, thank you for it! Thats if your engine isn't already shown signs of wear! If so! Then not worth it, stick to a synth...
  15. You could Go find a garage and give them £100 to stamp your book up! Oops!... Did i just say what I was thinking?...Bugger it! If you've got receipts for service items! It would suggest the car had to be maintained.
  16. http://www.carparts4less.co.uk/cp4l/p/accessories-engine-oil/engine-oils/engine-oil/5w30-engine-oil/?521776041&0&cc5_247 .Always go for a full synthetic oil. Take a look at the Triple QX oils! They have a few on there. Use discount codes "Saveme75" to get it cheaper. Get a genuine Toyota filter or look for makes MANN, Hghenst and Mahle. These are way better than the likes if FRAM ect. Asda have a sale on oils atm. Very high specs! For cheap money at £14. Don't believe the hype about brand names ectz, look at the specs! If they are what you need! Judt buy it! I have just bought 20Ltr of there 5w-40 for my Celica GT4 205 with a 300bhp engine! So if its good enough for that then...
  17. http://www.carlube.co.uk/triple-r/carlube-triple-r-5w40-fully-synthetic-diesel Just changed the oil and filter on the Mrs Grand Voyager 2.8L diesel XS (VM Motori marine diesel) and used Mobil 1 0w-40 (Very high TBN & Viscosity Index, Flash point) and a quality MANN filter. She purrrrrssss with this oil on a 6-8k service intervals. I'm gonna do the GT4 (3k service intervals) tomorrow! Used 5-40 Triple QX(£11.55 delivered) full synth with a Hengst filter last time. This time I've bought some Asda 5w-40 (5Ltr) full synth for £14 with a MANN filter. Very high spec which is Triple R in a Asda can.
  18. Clean it with some CRC spray or electrical contact cleaner. This can be bought from Maplins ect. Don't use any harsh sprays like carb cleaner! Or it could damage the MAF
  19. 6k is a bit excessive!! Its not a high perfomance car running silly BHP its a 2.2 Diesel Rav4. i will be following normal service intervals and letting engine warm up and cool downIt may well be! But better safe than sorry, especially if you buy oil and fiters cheap. Cost be less than £20 to do a sevice on my car!
  20. You have to let the turbo cool down. 30 secs is the min. Make sure the oil is the correct spec snd changed every 6k with full synthetic oil with the highest tbn...
  21. Look at Opie oils. I tend to google the spec of my oil and get the best price from where ever.
  22. You should be able to use DOT 4 or 5.1 but check on the net. Opie oils do a recommendation page! So do Mobil and Shell. I used Motul 660 factory line (DOT4) in mine. Over kill I know! But bought it right cheap! So what the Hell :)
  23. It will be spot on as he works for the man! And knows his onions! As well a few things about Toyota's an all :)
  24. There was a guy on here a while back that was selling one for the T180. I bought it off him for £120 I think. That was an amazing box of tricks.
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