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  1. Massive Increase In Insurance Quote This Year

    hmmm Strange. I managed to get mine quite a lot cheaper this year, just by using a comparison site and taking the cheapest quote to my current insurer (Budget insurance) and got a price match. I think one issue with insurance companies is that I believe they decide to target a specific group of people at any one time and depending on who that group is, they offer cheaper deals for this group. My guess anyway. So it would fluctuate.
  2. New Mot Rules For 2011

    Bit harsh I say. Already it is pretty strict, compared to other countries anyway.
  3. Corolla Top Gear

    Old School Top Gear here.
  4. Toyota's 20 Millionth Car!

    Thats ALOT of cars. No idea they had made anywhere near that amount. Go Toyota.
  5. Hey Hey

    New here, Looks like a nice forum here. My name is Sam, I have an MR2 currently. Standard 1992. :)