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  1. Checked my 50a fuse today and it was blown so replaced it and a few hours later lights back on and sure enough fuse blown again.... Whats next new pump??
  2. Im having this very same problem went to a mechanic today and got the car plugged in error code B0140 come up and its that air pump thing aswell he said when i start the car from cold go to the passanger side front just above the fog light witch is where this thing is located an listen out to hear if the motor is running, or even unplug the connector and check there is power going to the pump with the use of a multi meter or somethin like dat not really sure what any of this means but thats what he said to me..... hope it helps a bit, must check my 50amp fuse aswell hope that works, I also tried disconnect the battery but lights only go away for a day or 2..
  3. Hey all, just signed up to the site as i got myself a nice 01 model T sport corolla, have it a few days now and love it.. its very standard at the moment but have some plans for it. anyway jus been looking at the site an finding it very useful so keep up the good work and I look forward to being part of the club.