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  1. absolutely staggeringly sexy car. black spoiler would really set it off ;)
  2. this idea looks great! then the indicator can just be in between the two circles or the left half circle. keep up the good work mate
  3. my corolla has a made in Japan sign embedded in the windscreen. does that mean mine was made in jpn or just the windscreen was imported? lol.
  4. you have made a really nice job of trhat paint dude! :) i think the gap was fixed in facelifts cus mine has no gap either
  5. use a longer spanner haha. mine was well stiff too. had to hit the spanner with a hammer to break the fast. LOL :) take it youve not reset the ecu before then if the battery hasnt ben undone? your gonna be pleasantly suprised by the performance you're gonna recover from dooing it. as long as you dont touch the pedal while the engine warms up and you give it some welly in the high revs for first half hour of driving! will feel a little sluggish at first but when the ECU adjusts itself to your driving style you will defo notice a response. when i first reset mine it was like having a new czr! years of eco driving had left it very 'old personish'. just be aware that youll have to re set your auto windo function by holding the buttons up and down a few times. and youl lose your radio presets and clock time.. sorry for lecture but hope it helps @D
  6. sort it out like said above and then reset the ECU and all should be dandy. just remember to let it find its own idle the forst time you start up and then hammer it for the first few miles. this will get your ecu used to/and making the most of your new induction kit. :)
  7. where did you get it ? cool might be interested in one of these
  8. tow eye, nice bet that was expensive! what colour are you gonna paint the platic interior bits?
  9. do you have the ebay pic? sounds like it could be nice.
  10. is this the tte splitter? love the car, looks so clean and sharp.
  11. sorry maybe i didnt make this clear. the heater dials that turn on the heater and air con are green on the back. so changing the bulb wont make any difference. you have a digital air con/heater controls not the dials. i think you thought i meant speedo dials? sorry i meant the heater controls :) i know the T3 is dials and not digital but dunno about the Tspirit and the SR
  12. cheers for the replies lads, funny you should say that farhan as i ordered cosmos blue shortly after making this thread and now i have them fitted. very very happy with the results! the blueness is perfect and exactly what i wanted. not that bright tbh. no where near as bright as the extreme brilliance blue ones i had from halfords. but they still give out enough light. and the colour is perfect, not as blue as 8k obviously but they are more than blue enough for me. they beat the blueness of white LEDs and not a hint of yellow. alot subtler than HIDs which is what i wanted. would recomend to anyone for a great colour and a unbelievable price. cant say anything about the durability as only had them in a day lol. but even if they only last 6 months the price is right.
  13. thanks for bringing this old thread up and embarrassing me :) lol
  14. if you have white dials you can't do it, the green is actually painted onto the back of the white screens.
  15. if you have white dials you can't do it, the green is actually painted onto the back of the white screens.
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