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  1. pajjy

    Dash Needles

    Bit confused about the needle removing now after reading the Auxiliary Display Switch fitting by sconix in the Auris Club Guides section where it states do not move the needle before pulling off, where Tavy states move needle anti clockwise before pulling off. Sorry to be a pain about this but I want to get the job done properly. If you look at pic of sconix speedo you will see his needle is not zeroed very well either. I cant open the picture guides on Speedchasers LED replacement just maybe because how long ago that he wrote this great article.
  2. pajjy

    Dash Needles

    I don't no if the odometer accuracy is dependent on the speedo accuracy but this may be why so many average fuel consumption readings are nearly always optimistic on a lot of cars. About the needle position, unlike my Auris some cars have a small pin (for the want of a better word) that the needle rest on at the zero position. By the way for those who don't know the dash assembly on an Auris is made in Germany by Seaman.
  3. pajjy

    Dash Needles

    Thanks FROSTYBALLS for the reply. there is a lot of leeway in the speedo accuracy.
  4. pajjy

    Dash Needles

    Although its no big deal, but the needle on my speedo when the car is stationary is not exactly in the middle of the zero marking and ive noticed this is common on pics ive seen when searching for a fix. The rev counter needle is fine. I think it is TAVY who has supplied details for changing the leds for colour preference and states you must only turn the needle anticlockwise and pull to remove. well as my needle reading slightly high then turning the needle very slightly anticlockwise I should be able to adjust it to where I want it without any need to remove the needle. I again read yo
  5. The clean is only required on the intermediate service on the Auris as already stated,you say it should be changed not cleaned. So you are suggesting this filter should be changed at every service on the Auris but not on other models on their intermediate services because its not mentioned at all in that servicing schedule. For some who do low annual miliage this would be a needless extra expense.
  6. Instead of a potato ive heard an old piece of lino carved up and can be used many times. Or buy a kids stamp kit.
  7. I wonder how many Toyota dealers do blow out the filter as part of the service. No one seems to know why it seems to be ok on the Auris only, when the filter seems other than shape and size the same material etc as in other models. Strange.
  8. Hi Kingo Either you or Toyota have got it wrong about cleaning the aircon filter. See schedule in Auris service & warranty handbook in intermediate service section page 20, it states on Auris (only) C (cleaning) In the handbook page 292 it shows you how to blow the filter out with an air gun.At least in my books anyway (2007) Sorry to contradict you. Cant understand why using an air line to clean the Auris filter is ok but not so for other models as the elements are much the same.
  9. Its the day that the Irish celebrate a Brit. Cos Saint Patrick was not Irish. No more than Saint George was a Brit. Funny World
  10. pajjy


    Yes i knew there would be some excuse, oops sorry, a reason all those thousand and thousands of buyers making the same mistake. All the rest of the cars in the top ten must also have had special deals then.
  11. pajjy


    There are some silly people about. and there is no accounting for taste. In 2010 the popular top 4 selling cars were Fiesta,Astra,Focus and corsa. in 2011 it was Fiesta,Focus,Corsa and Golf. IN 2012 it was Fiesta Corsa, Focus and Astra. Cant understand that, have these people not heard of Wonderful Toyota. They cant have as theres not one in the Top Ten best Selling cars for those years. They dont seem to be fleet size cars that sales person use so that cant be used as an escuse. Though saying that the Focus that was parked next to mine looked very big indeed to what they used to be.
  12. Sorry to come into the discussion a bit late but i would like to put my experiace of Bars seal. Many years ago i brought a Kenlow fan for a mk 3 cortina i owned then. the fan swiching on and off was controlled by a sensor thingy that fitted under to top hose on rad. The cappillary fitted into small rubber tube that went between the hose and rad Although i fitted these parts as directed the top hose still had a small leak. I phoned Kenlow and explained the trouble i was having and they advised using Bars Seal. they told me i would do the cooling system no harm and said many car cooling systems
  13. Thanks Tavey,never thought of trying adjustment whilst on the move. will give it a go next time im out in the car.which is very often these days.
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