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  1. First cleaned my egr out at 30000 miles and ports were more or less completely blocked, only small holes left. Since then have done it every 10000 and its needed it.
  2. just a thought lee and i am surprised no one has mentioned it...does this happen all the time or did it start occuring as the weather cooled down. If the airbox on the lexus is same as avensis then the inlet pipe on the airbox contracts and starts to rattle where it clips into the box itself. There is a foam rubber ring to seal/plug the gap between the two, this is often poorly fitted and doesnt absorb vibration the way it should, the solution - refit the rubber ring with some silicon or put a self tapper in to lock the inlet pipe onto the really is a poorly fitting item. It creates a what i can only call growl from under the bonnet, especially when you take your foot off and it goes into overrun/a no fuel position.
  3. just search this site, it is easy to do
  4. i guess its that time of year again, as soon as the weather starts to cool down a little this minor problem rears it's head
  5. I think you'll find the 2.2 has most problems associated with head gasket failure. However if that one has truely done one million and seven thousand i might steer clear lol
  6. No special tools required, 12mm spanner and 12mm socket with extension, 2 nuts and 4 studs. just check the guides as above, all gaskets are reusable no matter what anyone says(unless you damage them of course). the 2 studs holding the pipe onto the block can be just a little tricky to hold in position when trying to get them back in. The valve assembly catches on the engine as you lift it off(just wriggle it it will come). Once off the main problem appears to be the three ports in the top of the manifold become sooted and clogged. At this point i grab the hoover and loosen the soot with a small screwdriver whilst i have the pointy end of the hoover hose in close proximity to where i am scraping. Then flip the actual valve over and you will find it covered in soot, just clean it off as best as you can, i use a screwdriver, others may use carb cleaner or something like that but i dont see the need. There is a valve in the middle of the assembly just us a screwdriver and gently lever the valve and make sure it opens, it is spring loaded and should snap back shut, it should also move smoothly, clean the soot off this as well as you can. Do not disassemble the valve assembly, it is not required. hope this helps a little
  7. egr valve gets clogged regularly, needs to be cleaned every 10k
  8. Find a 2.2 thats being broken unless you have evidence of head gasket failure. Anyone could replace an EGR valve (2 nuts/4 bolts a bit of fiddling with electrical plug, any gaskets are reusable). Then just get a second hand cat fitted by your nearest independent unless you've got a ramp.
  9. pault38


    then the problem must be the telly. Get the lead that has the three outputs (red,yellow and white) and plug into scart adapter or straight into back of telly if it has the should
  10. pault38


    My kid(19) is still running a ps2 i am sure he has had lead problems in the past and i think it was the plug end that goes into the back of the ps2 that was goosed. He would have to rest the plug on something when playing. I would put your telly on again on av channel and just try changing the angle on the plug ie lift it a little. Now i think he just plugs the lead from his ps3 in which seems a lot better quality.
  11. my 2.2 feels heavy in comparison to everything that i've driven lately
  12. pault38


    If that doesnt work i seem to remember the aerial leads are a bit flimsy so it might need a new one. Does the lead have a box on it that has a switch if so flip the switch over
  13. dont know about the squeek but the banging might be the exhaust hitting the rear tow eye, i managed to bend mine pulling a friends audi a4.