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  1. Thanks all for the replies, it’s put my mind at ease that the noise is normal. I suppose I’m just used to driving larger quieter cars having never driven a 3 cylinder city car before. We can now enjoy the growl 😄
  2. I checked the boot when we went to buy it as I read they are notorious for leaking. All appears completely dry. Good tip about adding some sound insulation, thanks. I might look into doing this but I don’t think the noise actually bothers my daughter, only seems to bother me. Just took it for a quick drive and got my daughter to record the engine noise. It’s very growly and tappety. Is this how others Aygo’s sound? Or should we be worried?
  3. Hi all My daughter has just bought her first car, a 2011 Aygo Go! with 93,000 miles on the clock. Seems a solid little car and drives well enough. I was just wondering how noisy the engines are supposed to be? Sounds like you’re in a diesel with a noticeable grrrrrrrrr under acceleration that’s settles down once up to speed. The exhaust is not leaking. I appreciate this is only a 3 cylinder so was not expecting it to be ultra smooth. It’s just a lot louder than I expected it to be. Is this normal? Any replies greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Some great photos of the day here.... http://retrorides.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=general&action=display&thread=134203
  5. What a superb day and what a great turn out. I was one of the first in so managed to get on the hard standing carpark, wedged between two Scoobys. Not sure if I met any of you, spent a while chatting with the owner of the stunning 1972 Toyota Crown. Great day!
  6. I'm now travelling down with a friend with a Honda Integra Type R. Therefore I'll meet inside.
  7. Weather permitting I'll be there. Taking the (silver) Corolla TTE Compressor. Looking forward to meeting other members. Better get polishing.... Ian.
  8. I had this on my T Sport Compressor, it used to really annoy me. I managed to fix it by getting in the footwell and spraying a load of silicon spray grease on the part the clutch pedal pushes/pulls though the bulkhead. I have no idea what this part is but it solved the problem for me, I done this maybe a year ago and the creaking hasn't returned. It's a bit of a pain to reach and I had to remove a peice of plastic trim, but it's well worth it to get rid of the creeking.
  9. Hi Beks I am in the same predicament. One of the rear shocks on my Compressor leaked all its oil the other week, the ride is now awful. Mr T wanted a hefty £690 for one replacement. The rears were only replaced two years ago by the previous owner for the sum of nearly £1000. There is no way I am going with the Toyota shocks, they are way over price and notorious for not lasting very long. I spoke to a guy this morning at europerformance, he looked up replacement shocks from Bilstein's catalogue that should fit the Compressor. A pair of rear Bilstein B8's have cost me £258 with delivery. They have to come form Germany so won't be delivered untill next week. Their phone number is 08717 034422 if you want to call them. I did think about going for BC Racing coilovers, but a set of 4 including fitting is getting on for £1000. I'll let you know how I get on with the Bilstein's.
  10. Hi Paul... I've owned a silver Compressor since October 2010. I live in the south of England near Reading. Would of been good if Toyota numbered the cars with an interior plate like other manufacturers do with limited run cars.
  11. @Waldo87 - Did you get a price for a new pipe? I have a 55 plate Compressor and one of the back boxes is starting to look a bit rusty so am interested to know how much it's gonna cost. If it's going to be a ridiculous amount I might even consider selling the car before the exhaust needs replacing, but I really don't want it to come to that. Anyone know how much a custom stainless replacement would cost?
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