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  1. thanks lads i might just give it an oil change aswell, what grade oil should i use? theres 175k kms on it
  2. hows it going lads, i dont drive my st205 too often but i started noticing lately that if i leave it sitting up for a few days and then take it for a spin as soon as i drive off it gives a slight puff of bluey white smoke, it only happens when i first drive off after that theres no more sign of it, what could this be? stem seals? turbo? rings?
  3. thanks yea 300bhp i would be happy with, stock internals would be alright to hold that??
  4. hows things, im looking to raise the bhp on my st 205, ive had it on the rr and its 250bhp at the moment and id like to get it to the 300bhp mark, it currently has a dumpvalve apexi induction kit, back box and a apexi afc but i dont think that it is set up right at the moment, when i had it on the rr they told me that it was over fuelling and that if i got the afc set up right it would stop the over fuelling, increase fuel economy and raise my bhp figure, is this true? also any recommendations on how to get my bhp up are welcomed thanks.
  5. just run your car for a while and then pull the clips back, twist the pipes slightly to break any seal thet may have and then with a good pull they should come off
  6. same as that my lights flicker when traction control kicks in
  7. My Toyota Dealer advised to use these "Denso Iridium" he recons the Toyotas only like Denso plugs. Denso IK20s?
  8. cooland what are the proper grade spark plugs for them, yea not too many irish on this one alright!
  9. pe nothing other than water and hooked it up to the garden hose and flushed through bothways for around 2 minutes
  10. success!! flushed out the matrix yesterday evening with just water and this morning going to work i actually had to turn DOWN the heat setting, simple simple job to do! thanks for that post by the way morgie
  11. well lads hows things, just wondering what grade oil people are using on a service and how often between services??
  12. have the same problem its driving me mad! how do you go about cleaning out the matrix? what do you disconnect?
  13. hows it going just new here, from rep of ireland and have a t-sport corolla, there isnt too much info on them over here and heard that this was a good site for it so looking forward to using this site for all my questions.
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