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  1. On two different occasions the main battery in my iQ went flat within a few days of last use, the car being parked in a warm garage. The car is 1/2 year old, was bought new, so I went to have it serviced. They told me in two independent, fully authorized Toyota garages that the battery is fine, technically speaking. When I enquired about what could possibly be wrong then I heard it was... my driving habits. I simply drive too little, full stop. So, with such driving habits, I need to load the battery from time to time from the mains, via a rectifier. It's as simple as that! So, as it is, it seems to be a lottery every time I start the car (which is about once every two or three days): will I get the spark or not? If I don't want to keep my iQ close to the mains all the time, and I refuse to change my life to suit the iQ battery requirements, it seems there's little more I can do. Or else? Any help will be gratefully acknowledged.
  2. Trying to get better front light for my iQ... Researching the complexities of HIR2, HB4, 9012, 9006, ... Any help?

  3. Hello Toyota iQ users, Since July 2010 I'm proud owner of a black iQ, one of the very few here in Poland (about a hundred on the road) -- hence no such club yet in my country, to the best of my knowledge. I want to get info and advice here, share problems, find parts and resources. Nice to be here! In private life I'm a teacher of English, 55, married, 2 kids. Hobbies: EFL, ICT, opera.