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  1. And gone to the lovely member above. Closing this thread now.
  2. A necro post for which I apologise. I have since sold the Auris however before selling pulled this out of it, and rather than watch it sit in my garage unused I have decided I will offer it for sale on here. Given that this particular model has been replaced by Racechip I will ask only £50 delivered (UK only) to the first person to PM me and to post on this thread saying they have done so. I will be working abroad the next week so postage may be delayed until my return. I will continue to lurk on the forums mind you... Seem to be fond of this place...
  3. Clicking steering column (for whatever reason) was fixed on my Auris as a recall when I purchased used. With no warranty Toyota garage near me fixed it at no cost to myself within a few days. Have you had a look at the other recalls on the Auris? Things like the drivers side light switch? Maybe worth mentioning to your garage to check they have all been done.
  4. Speed limit may be what it is, doesn't mean you can't have some fun getting there. (safely of course) Given the use of the word freeway I'm guessing USA? In the UK we have a lot of roads that are supposed to be a certain speed limit, however if you are to actually stick to that limit you are a huge hazard as opposed to keeping up with the flow of traffic. For example there has been an argument to increase the speed limit to 80mph or 90mph on motorways given most people drive around that speed anyway, even with the 70mph speed limit currently in force.
  5. Crasstoe

    Egr Valve

  6. Happy Birthday Crasstoe!

  7. After some work with Toyota I am now in possession of two Toyota Hybrid Racing softshells. These are without the sponsors logos. Jacket is manufactured by CAP-TEAMWEAR.DE. Both jackets are new and unused, however only the male jacket has tags. Couldn't sell on eBay so I will start at £50 each all in, ONO.
  8. I have nothing but positive experience of the headlights. Are they set correctly and level in the first place? In what way are they poor? I am using bog standard bulbs that came in the car from new!
  9. I would leave the cat in personally. I am sure it was any vehicle fitted with a cat after a certain date could not have the cat removed... I'm planning on spending a few pennies on the car next year, not worth selling due to the miles I have put on it so may as well run it into the ground. License plate is also on the cards...
  10. In that case, video when you are done please ;) If it is possible to just remove the silencers and add a new rear box then that is substantially cheaper than a whole new system!
  11. Illegal to remove the cat, or is the mid box a second silencer separate to the cat?
  12. Video would be appreciated by all :)
  13. If it is like the old 57i Kit I had on my megane, a negligible amount. The stock air boxes are pretty poor at heat insulation as it is. Best bet is to get exhaust wrap on the manifold, or add a cold air feed to the engine side of the filter to keep it cool, just remember to add a gauze or have it behind a grille to stop leaves and large debris being funnelled into the air filter, a pre filter if you will.
  14. Do you pop the lid back on at all? Nice clean install btw!
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