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  1. well got the answer back today the cam belt had gone the car is on 147k so had two cam belts done in its history it looks like one of the tensioners failed and as we where doing 60-70 at the time it caused a bit of damage in the valves etc: only good side if there is one the guy I got the car off (trader from his own address) is going to recover the car and swap fro something of a similar price and age, still out of pocket but not a total loss. even better the garage I was recovered to and did the diagnosis have said they wont charge me as ive had enough grief this close to christmas top
  2. Hi All well as soon as I arrived at here at TOC it look like I will be leaving......... as driving home today the car cut out (on M3 just a wee bit cold) got it recovered to a garage there initial thoughts as that the timing belt has snapped they will hopefully let me know tomorrow.... once they have had a look to see if any damage done. :censor: to that end due to the cost of the possible repairs (they hinted at the best fix if the valves damaged would be a new engine)I will be of to buy a new car on Monday Smac343
  3. having played around with most things now connected to the stereo and audio controls I Have come to the conclusion that its properly the steering wheel controls that are faulty (or the connection cable through to the wiring loom). to that end is there anyone in the Blandford area of Dorset: a. with whom I could test my broken Steering wheel control (only two screws and a push connector)with to confirm my diagnosis b. Has a price for a replacement part/Price for OEM steering wheel control Smac343
  4. not the connections .... so its to the fuse box behind the glove box I go... while playing i noted that the back light (comes on with lights) to the steering wheel controls wasnt lit so now thinking no power herring in there
  5. ill be taking the OEM HU out later to see if its the conections in the back so ill let you know if i solve it
  6. Topspeed999, i dable now and then but i use digital Cannon 350D. keeping with the motoring theme I was doing some photos to help sell my landrover Discover 3 and took this pic below haven't photo-shopped it just a shame the exposure was wrong as to get the car moving in the reflection would have been great.
  7. thanks all, bothwell_buyer ive still got my landrover discover3 for the moment so I think I will be using that in the snow lol sod law i decide to sell the landy when it start to snow...
  8. Hi haxbyville i have had a fuel angle fitted for three years since the wife filled my 2007 (yes you got it 3 years ago the 2007 was brand new not even 7k on the clock) with petrol and then drove off (not very far tho) I ordered it came very quick (was before he mass manufactured them i guess). the end of last year it failed as the centre part of the tube came out when I pulled the pump out while filling up. I still had an e-mail from the guy his personal one not from the company website, gave him a mail to ask if this was normal, he responded and sent me a new designed one for free. all in all
  9. hi all, ive just got a 2002 corolla 2.0 (D4D T Sprint) when I was driving it home I noted that the steering wheel audio controls don't seem to work... am I missing something (need to select something on the stereo) or what should I look for (fuse etc) the stereo works fine(all standard Toyota fit) but I don't seem to be able to control it from the steering wheel audio control. Thanks in advance Smac343
  10. Hi all ive just joined having never owned a Toyota before i think i will be looking for some advice in the nea future hope to also add some useful info..... ive just bought a 2002 corolla 2.0 D4D T Sprint with a mear 147K on the clock Smac343
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