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  1. Calculate load 16% when it's warm. Inject1 feed value 1.09 Inject 2 feed value-1.09 Inject 3 feed value 1.25 I ject 4 feed value-0.94 If that helps
  2. Thanks for the reply I will get to you regarding the load on idle
  3. Hi guys spent alot on my hiace but no joy.anymore idea's what can it be garage have replaced injector 2&4 new tank.van has the same issue as before not pulling uphills then the engine on rough idle when it's comes to a stop no warning lights for codes. someone let me know if the injection value below are right on my van. 1/ 124 2/ -140 3/ 94 4/ -140 The above figure are while vehicle is on move. 1/ 5.0 2/ -5.0 3/ 5.0 4/ -5.0 Above figure while it's stationary Many thanks
  4. Hi can anyone share light on this please. I have a hiace 2.5D4D had rough idle,lost of power was advised it was the injectors had all four tested.2 failed replaced two new ones had them all four coded to the ecu. Driving still same as what was before.what else could the possibility be no engine light on. Just to let you know it starts missing when it's on steep climbs under pressures. Cheers
  5. Hi to all, been told today it most likely to be the head,but i,ve given an advice if someone can share some light on this please.that i should use carina e td,or avnsis td head is that possibale,will it fit. riakan22
  6. Hi to all,well just to update.checked bus this morning there was no water in the bottle.any sugestion plese what it could be. regards riakan22
  7. Hi;i bought this lucida couple of weeks ago wich is 4x4 auto ,today it started up fine in the morning,then sudden started to through out white smoke thought it was just cause of cold weather.try to start again after couple of hour wouldnt start.then after couple of turns of it goes.now it was parked up it just would not turn over at all ,no lights on dash cam up had recent full service,starter turns but engine doesnt seem to turn,please does anyone know what this could be, regards riakan22
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