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  1. kewe

    T Sport Video

    Now edited 2nd gear lift
  2. kewe

    T Sport Video

    Cheers buddy. Yeah only put it into lift once in 2nd anyway so not a very exciting drive lol. The camera was also picking up some rumble noise so that's why I just put music over. That's just the standard Windows Movie Maker I used to make it up.
  3. kewe

    T Sport Video

    A quick wee vid of the T Sport I made up today:- My T Sport
  4. kewe

    T Sport

    Any links to the ones you got mate. I noticed mines might be missing a few clips Something like these These are not the same ones, I purchased mine from my local spares shop but they are very similar. Try them for size in the plastic cover above the radiator if they fit there they should fit most of the others mine did. The ones I had cost about £1.50 for 10, I had to try 2 types to get it right but at that price it won't break the bank Cheers
  5. kewe

    T Sport

    Any links to the ones you got mate. I noticed mines might be missing a few clips
  6. kewe

    My T Sport

    Looks great buddy. Also makes the Fiesta look minuscule :D
  7. Try searching e-bay item 360333720762. This is for a set of 4 but seems a good price?
  8. So just water flushed. No Mr Muscle or anything else?
  9. LOL - Believe me I was very careful where I put the power down but I did have to check those lift things lifted @ 6K plus - They do ;)
  10. Thanks folks. Well after nearly a full week of being buried in snow I managed to get the Corolla out for a quick spin tonight. These things are absolutely mental
  11. Hi, Just picked up a 2003 CTS at the weekend. I notice that the Heater control switch on the dash does not illuminate at night. Do the switches pop out easy and is it just a case of replacing a bulb possibly?
  12. Hi, Just picked up a Corolla T Sport at the weekend. It's a 53 reg pre-facelift model and seems very nice although I have not had a chance to try it properly yet due to the poor weather conditions. Even driving it home after I bought it was scary business in the snow. I previously had a SEAT Toledo V5 170 bhp version and was a member for 9 years on SCN ( I'd imagine the CTS will be an entirely different power delivery and take a bit of getting used to. There's a couple of little bits and pieces that I need to check out on it although overall it seems fine. Look forward to speaking with you all in the near future. cheers, Ed