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  1. Hi All, I have a 2.4 Surf and i have noticed that the turbo light is always on it only goes off when the engine is at about 1000rpm is that normal i am getting about 10 to the gallon. Also has any one got a link of the manual for the car since when i brought the car the guy didnt have the manual for it Thanks Simon
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    Hi All, I have a Surf 2.4 TD what should i be getting in the way of fuel to the mile since i am using about 25 pound per day doing about 80 miles doing mostly motorway driving with over drive on or what can i check to make sure it is running perfect it is a J Reg there is no smoke or anything and car sounds perfect
  3. Hi All My Name is Simon and i have just brought a J Reg Toyota Surf 2.4TD 183k on the clock And i live in Neath South Wales