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  1. look for earth straps going to the wings , loosen connections , clean and re tighten .
  2. so long as the connections are the same , id imagine it would work , its only a pressure sensor and pretty standard across most makes . some sense 2 bar others 3 bar , you'll soon know if its no good .
  3. its only a radiator , any will do , id imagine Toyota will want mortgage money for it tbh .
  4. sealed unit , warm the area gently with a gas blow torch may help by melting some of the grease inside so it moves to a possible worn area . watch out for plastics etc though .
  5. give liverpool victoria a try - you should qualify for the new customers reduction - which is in itself an insurance con , they should all be able to offer competitive prices - new customer or not .
  6. this engine is a known oil user - id avoid it and go with the more robust 3sge 2 litre engine. as for timing belt changes , its pretty straight forward to be honest .

    Hi All

    http://www.tcbparts.co.uk/ - the car is almost identical to the uk spec , so dont always stress trying to buy for an import.
  8. my gen 6 gt4 had a pollen filter in the base of the fan housing ,found behind the glove box ,if you wanna have a poke about . the smell you have is mould/bacteria growing inside the air con system , either use one of the sprays on the market to kill it - ebay £3 ish a tin , or remove the glove box and stand a boiling kettle on the floor with air con on recirculate air for 20 minutes, the steam refreshes the system like nothing else . (it was bought . when i went to school . )
  9. run a self test using my guide - any error codes that pop up will help you make a diagnosis. http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=47053=http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=47053
  10. if the vibration is through the steering wheel, i'd suspect a sticking brake caliper has warped the brake disc.
  11. turn the tick over up a bit when the engines hot , the screws on the throttle body . 3mm allan key and 8mm nut.
  12. check the egr valve is nice n clean on the inside . if it gets gummed up it can cause blips at certain revs .
  13. could just be the valve stem oil seals need renewed ? does it spew out alot smoke on start up ?
  14. your dancing in the dark here , yes it maybe fuel related , it may also be lots of other things , spark plugs , plug leads , coil pack , injector wiring loom breakdown ,blocked or coked injector, what you need to do is start at whats the cheapest things to replace first , get your self some decent injector cleaner or complete fuel system cleaner like "forte". give it a good ragging on a motorway and see what happens .
  15. fuel filter CTY13038 £9.31 + vat at TCB . LOOKS SOMETHING LIKE THIS --
  16. try a new fuel filter first , before using fuel system cleaner .
  17. it wont damage anything - it will help if anything - good luck . when you got the car you said the stat was broken - what exactly was wrong with it ? was it stuck open or closed ?
  18. running it with the stat out will keep temp down as it wont pressurise { sellers remove the stat to sell on a car with overheating issues ) , whats happening is its boiling up before the stat opens , sounds to me like the head is cracked , take the stat out out , if it still boils , its probably the head thats damaged . the thermostat has nothing to do with cooling the engine - its there to warm the engine up quickly for optimum running performance and economy, by keeping the water in the engine only - once its open it lets water to the radiator and heating rad inside the car.
  19. only only offer from me then is to run it with the thermostat out .
  20. system could just need bleeding of air , or there is a fine crack somewhere on the cylinder head , try it without the cap on the headertank or try a new radiator cap, its possible they are not venting properly.
  21. check my thread on 4ws , maybe your answers will be there ?
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