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  1. 58 plate, 80,000 miles. Shortly after last service failed to start until 20 secs of turning over. Car parked on drive tilted slightly upwards. Turned car round so now facing slightly downwards on drive and starts first time every time???? Any thoughts?
  2. I queried the issue with the dealer and had this reply: I wonder if you can supply me with the part number of the pollen filter you fitted. As our genuine one has a RRP of £29.09 adding the scheduled time of .3, £22.50 and the VAT = £60.62 incl. At far as I can see no miss selling has occurred. My response: I purchased a Cabin Air Filter Part number 87139-YZZ08 from Parklands Toyota of Newquay at a cost of £13.29 inc vat and p&p. If the part you would have fitted is different and the cost is as you say then I would be interested to know if I have been sold the wrong part. As for the ch
  3. Just had my 2.0D serviced and was asked for £60 to change cabin filter. Bought my own genuine part for £13 and fitted myself in 10 mins using instructings in user manual.
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