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  1. been given fault code P2002 for the problem with my car when i first enquired they said the fault code was p0400. i said to them i was aware of this being covered by the seven year extented warranty thats when they said they gave me the incorrect code!
  2. The year is 2007, i bought it private. There is no warranty on the car. Not got a written report yet only spoke on the phone this afternoon. Will ask about the head gasket. Thanks
  3. I have an avensis tourer 2.2 t180. The car has been feeling sluggish recently, then yesterday on the motorway it had a major loss of power i went through the gears and couldnt get above 60mph pedal to the floor, then warning lights came on. Managed to limp to my local dealership and left it with them. This afternoon i got the dreaded phonecall to say my car is in bad health it is clogged up big time. Needs a new valve think he said EGR and a new cat. I have been quoted £468 for the valve and £1804 for the cat. We are meant to be going on a family holiday to devon on saturday the earliest they can have it done is tuesday! Im gutted i have just read the tread on diesels pinned at the top, wish i had read it a year and a half ago! thought i was doing the right thing buying a diesel better fuel economy etc. Everything i read about the car said it was bullet proof, i do a daily commute of about 25 miles but we bought the car because it was massive and we could pack everything in it when we go on holidays and visit the inlaws who live 150 miles away thought it would be perfect for us. Really dont know what to do now the car has done 65000 miles thought it would last me for years. It had done 48000 miles when i bought it, i paid £8000 for the car, reading the pinned tread looks like i have been naive and should have bought a petrol, looks like my driving has caused this problem. what do i do a mate said other places will clean it up for a lot less than toyota are charging me, but the toyota guy said they could try cleaning it up but it might not work? Should i get it done then try and sell it? or do you think i have been unlucky and once this problem is sorted, given the money shelled out should i stick with it? Im in a daze any suggestions/advice will be greatfully received