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  1. Haven't been on 'ere in a while. Me Celica's running great. <3 me car :)

  2. Oh we had a Grand Vitara years ago. Don't bother 'cause they um, "crumple." We also had A Landrover Defender. It was terrible. We ALSO has a Landrover Freelander. Utterly useless 4x4. And now we got the import Toyota Surf. 3.0 Diesel. Tow's no problem and even though it's an auto gearbox, there's nowt wrong with it for off roading. It's been a godsend with all this bad weather we've had.
  3. Oh I'm not doing that again. XD
  4. Have you not got the licence plate number at all?
  5. Happy New Year folks! ^_^

  6. I have visions of meself snatching me boyfriend's Blackberry out of his hands an just chucking it out the window. He's always on that &#33;Removed&#33; thing. ¬_¬
  7. My new baby. Just picked him up from Doncaster today. ^_^ Car was sold as seen. But we did hear a bit of a weird rattling droning sound coming from the back right wheel when we got ont th'A1. The thought occurred it could be the wheel bearings or possibly the exhaust which is very doubtful. Might jack him up tomorrow and have a quick look underneath of take him into the shop an have a quick once over. Might get him Waxoyl'd too. Other than that, he runs perfectly and is ridiculously clean! Although I MUST change the stereo an put summat different in. XD
  8. Off to Doncaster to buy an '04 VVTL-i T-Sport Celica soon!! ^_^

    1. Phoenix999


      I hope you enjoy the experience and that you manage to buy a good car

  9. That is true. Every time I go back home I do often wonder why in the hell it's still there. XD Now THAT's a geographical mystery.
  10. I have one, why is Oldham still on the map? I mean last time I went back home it looks like it had a bomb dropped on it.
  11. I'm quite partial to a bit of gardening, when I have the time at least. Last year I must've grown on about 300 plants from seed mainly for window boxes. hanging baskets and tubs. Wed don't really have a garden or anything like that mainly because my back garden is actually a small forest and at the front of my house well... It's more a mixture of tarmac, another foresty type bit and a sort of um, flat bit. O_o Either way it's all a mess and me dad won't do anything about it because it'd be for me and me mam and he begrudges that, plus he'd rather live in a **** hole. Me mam an I though are to
  12. Shirahime

    Top Gear

    Sooooo, who was watching? :)
  13. Shirahime

    Top Gear

    Top Gear Xmas Specials soon folks don't forget! ^_^
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