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  1. Nice Youtube covers it
  2. Wow, that is super quick, I make that 18 days?!
  3. Whilst I count down the weeks to anticipated delivery sometime in November a thought struck me, what do people do with their car key once they have started the engine? What would be best practice?
  4. That would be the Dracula model, limited edition, made in Transilvania, delivery after midnight 🤣
  5. placed an order a week ago (2.0l Excel hatch, JBL & pan, in red) and have been told to expect the car by the end of the month! We shall see. Watch this space!
  6. Great, next how to deactivate the airbag sensors!
  7. August / November seems the norm, I would have taken your route but that didn’t have the the colour I wanted
  8. Just over a month is not bad at all, sounds like you were lucky. Guess I will need to take up meditation to pass the time whilst reading the on line manual 🤣 But maybe chase it up every month , thanks for the info
  9. “When I ordered my Corolla the dealer (Northampton) just said 'hopefully within a month' but had no idea when. They called me out of the blue eventually and said 'It's finally turned up” So how long was the wait till it finallly “turned up”? 😂 It seems 3 months is the norm
  10. I'm told they are manufactured & imported from Turkey, might be a factor
  11. Yes built to order, standard spec plus a spare wheel instead of the TRK. I understand that the new Corolla Hybrids are very much in demand. Should have chosen a less popular car. LOL
  12. Interesting! Is Hybrid a common factor here? Not sure where the Rav is made but dont think it is uk so this may also be a factor in your case
  13. Just replacing my Auris with the Corolla Icon Tech and was wondering what sort of delivery times others have experienced from date of order to receiving the keys? i have been told 16 weeks for delivery in the midlands, yikes! anyone with a similar experience and suggestions on how to pass the time?
  14. If you were talking about an old BMC mini or 1100 I,d say put in a winter rad thermostat and block half the rad, but a 2015 Toyota, leave well alone