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  1. Yes, got mine in December with new spec
  2. Oh the anticipation! You will not be disappointed, lovely relaxed driving, especially when stuck in traffic 😂
  3. My order yo yo’d back and forth ordered August 1 with one revised estimate being pushed back to mid January before being swiftly being brought forward to mid December and finally arriving 30 November Certainly not disappointed with the Corolla although the wait was at times very frustrating!!!
  4. From my experience (2 warranty claims in 15 years) never any wriggle
  5. Thanks to everyone contributing to this post, especially Andrue for the balanced informative views expressed. Wondering if anyone has experience / comparative figures between Sport and Normal modes, for both consumption and performance. I was particularly intrigued by this comment re Sport mode “........changes the steering feel, making it suitable for when agile driving response ........” we,ve certainly come a long way from the humble Morris 1100. LOL
  6. “ think the LEDs suffer from putting out so much light that where the beam is cut off, the extreme contrast then makes dark areas look really dark, which can cause the overall impression of poor lighting. ” Good point and probably accounts for my initial impression. Miserable wet roads don’t help. cleaning headlights regularly is now a must not forgetting the rear view camera lens, which because of its position (angle) compared to the Auris is much more prone to picking up dirt
  7. Wondering what others opinion is of the headlight level of illumination when driving on dark country lanes. In my opinion they do not compare favourably with the Auris
  8. Totally agree. Interesting to hear from all hybrid owners on hybrid matters
  9. “I got my drivers license a few months back, and ...........” i feel car insurance premiums are soon to be on the increase. 🙂
  10. When does this new legislation come in force as it not on the MY20 Corollas, if it is I haven’t heard it?
  11. Seem to have a good reputation thanks to the “green chilli "......... Product description & features Continental Eco Contact 6 With enhanced grip and handling, the Continental Eco Contact 6 increases safety thanks to the uniquely designed tread pattern. Its innovative asymmetric pattern combined with the precise position of the sipes, deliver outstanding grip with the tyre never losing contact with the ground. Continental have designed the Eco Contact 6 with the advanced ‘Green Chili™ 2.0 compound’ to increase mileage potential. This technology allows the tyre to adapt to the road surface leading to less wear throughout its lifetime – leading to an increase in mileage. This also helps to optimise fuel efficiency, one of the most appealing factors to the Eco Contact 6. Maximum fuel efficiency Increased mileage due to new Green Chili™ 2.0 compound Improved grip and handling experience
  12. Probably because it came from “Management “. LOL Is digital selctable on th Icon Tech, used to use it on the Auris
  13. Mine came with Continentals on 16” rims with pressure 36front 35rear (although during PDI they set to 32 all round)
  14. Interested to hear what make is tyre is fitted as standard and the recommended pressures. there seems to be a quite a variation of pressures mentioned, maybe it’s because of different tyre loading?
  15. After reading the TP post thought I had better check my pressures after delivery & found tyre pressure set to 32psi all round with the TPMS set to this, should have been 36/35 Makes you wonder what else they may have missed on the pdi