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  1. I often use "Sport Mode" to give me a bit more oomph when I need an extra quick getaway, busy roundabouts etc increased acceleration on the Mway. But to be honest normal drive mode is good enough for me 95% of the time Loving the Hybrid
  2. Don’t know about mixed messages. I am told that it has been moved to closer to the engine block in a more out of the way location. The Catloc will just provide an addition layer of protection. I think the Prius 4 is in a similar location making it less easily accessible
  3. I have been reliably informed that a Catloc for the Corolla is shortly to be signed off by Toyota (I expect Covid19 will impose a delay to this) I believe this to be so as I have been given the part #
  4. Tire pressures is something you should check when the tyres are cold. I must say I have not noticed any adverse handling characteristics that you me tion
  5. I took delivery on 1st Dec but still shows “Order being processed “. LOL. I think it maybe oriental sense of humour! PS. It is a cracking drive, well worth the wait
  6. Re AA/CP Toyota making a retro fit available for pre December Corollas very soon, I believe the price qouted is £100 or £50 if done during a service
  7. Hhmm! I would respectfully suggest then that you were NOT driving the new Corolla GR Sport first released in January of this year which has AA/CP, SIPA park assist and head up display as standard. If you’re not too far from the dealers I would go back and ask some very pointed questions.
  8. Interesting, was this at a Toyota dealership or private? What did you think of the head up display, was it easily readable?
  9. I used to have an Icon Tech with SatNav & there is def. voice guidance. If I remember correctly you need to go into setting (Audio or Map) to adjust volume. Doris will talk over the radio so you will need to turn your radio volume down below the satnave level
  10. “Does anyone know if you can manually enable instrument panel lights to illuminate the heating, aircon, fan controls etc for daytime as they they are quite difficult to see exactly what they are. At night they are clearly illuminated” i agree
  11. Some reports of harsh noisey rides was put down to incorrectly tyre pressures eg some + 5 psi over I previously had the 1.2turbo Auris which out performed the 1.6 powered Auris . The 1.8 Corolla in Sport mode appears to give similar performance without flooring the throttle. common opinion seems to be 2.0 for performance and 1.8 for economy that said it is no slouch. Any decent dealer should give you a couple of hours solo test drive. I think you will be impressed
  12. Agree 100%. I would find it encouraging if T. Reply with a non specific answer! Eg. It is less accessible than on previous models
  13. On the question of nobody takes notice of car alarms sounding, I would suggest that this is because of alarms sounding for no apparent reason.Certainly if I heard an alarm and saw no suspicious activity by the car I too would ignore it. Not so if someone was half in the car removing the radio, I remember the startled look on the 16 ŷear olds face to this day. I will fit a tilt alarm when they become available if only to alert me when parked on my drive, not too is a bit like never locking your car as it is a waste of time as they can always break a window to get in LOL
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