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  1. my mum had this on her 04 plate 1ltr t3, Toyota replaced the mirrors under warranty this time last year and they have been ever since, wonder if Toyota redesigned them.
  2. With no bonnet spoiler and headlight washer it means its a Jap import, could be an SS1/2 , wont be an SS3 as they didn't arrive till 95 . As has been said , show us a picture of the engine and we will be able to tell, if it looks like the engine in adams sig above then its an SS2 ,which you want as it has the better engine :D Kev
  3. thats a bit of a contradiction is it not, so if it doesn't pump more fuel in where is that restricted fuel going?? wait a min you just said more fuel is going to go through the injectors because the excess that the engine doesn't needs isn't getting returned back to the fuel tank , so doesn't that mean theres more fuel getting pumped through them????
  4. you won gets much from a 4 branch, have you looked at the standard manifold?? its already very good.. that fse isn't going to give you 10bhp, it doesn't give any increase in hp but does improve throttle response a little , as i said above its only a fancy name for fuel pressure regulator, only worth it your standard one is %$(ed or if you go for hardcore mods ie: turbo or supercharger. 210bhp on the 3s-ge is going to cost you a nice sum of penny's m8, to get anywhere need it you it would be a good idea to change some of the service items first ie: dizzy cap. rotor arm, leads and if the cars over 100k then changing the lambda would be a good idea, now your onto the goodys :D, mods i would go for would be, exhaust, decat (best mod iv bought) , intake (with plenty of cold air) halo spark plugs, silkolene pro s synthetic oil, power deck spacer (meant to give 10bhp), some info here then get some sort of piggy back dastek or greddy then get it all setup on the rollers, i recon that lot on a strong engine should see you around 195bhp 200 if your very lucky, after that your into the opening the engine up like GTForbes said.. sell the car and get an ss3 with the beams fitted , 200bhp standard and the potential for more :D good luck m8 Kev
  5. GTForbes never heard of any reliability issue with the dastek unichip, i supose its the good old case of you get what you pay for lol
  6. For a start if you have took the engine to the limit be it na or turbo that's the only way your going to gain anything from a fse boost valve, the fse is just a fancy fuel pressure regulator, if you cant get the extra air into the combustion chambers then adding an fse to pump more fuel in is a waste of money, the only time it would be of any use if the car wasn't highly modded to justify such a mod was if the stock pressure regulator was faulty as the fse would be cheaper that the Toyota one. Expect to gain 10bhp or there abouts max with an exhaust and intake unless you have a turbo or supercharger, You really sound like a max power reader when you start taking every mods advertised power increase and adding them all up , if it was that easy don't you think everyone would be running around with 30-40bhp extra for little outlay?? its just doest work like that in the real world mate , start doing some research before you start sprouting crap like that, im surprised this has went days without any one's input.. How can you say adding a chip causes problems and an ecu remap doesn't?? there both the same at the end of the day , and i will repeat myself YOU CANT REMAP THE STANDARD ECU ON THESE CARS, PIGGY BACKS OR FULL AFTER MARKET REPLACEMENTS ARE THE ONLY OPTION. well going by you a chip adds more air so wouldn't that be a good thing as more air = power?? but in the real world no chip on this earth can physically add more air only relieving restriction on the intake or adding positive pressure via a turbo or super charger can do this, again this looks like you don't know what your talking about . In what bit in my post did i mention i was talking about wheel horse power?? 168bhp is the stock flywheel bhp on the uk face lift model (sorry didn't include that info in my original post)and thats what the guys dyno figures were based on. If you get a chip its common practice and sense to get it setup when fitted.. I'm sorry if this offends you japracer but that whole post just made you sound like a 16 year old that reads max power Here is the post on celica club from the guy, please note that some of the dyno picture no longer work.. Kev
  7. Hi m8 There was a guy (hunterj)over at celica-club that had just a k&n 57i and cat back exhaust, he got a dastek unichip and was setup on the rollers, it made 187bhp with a big difference in low end torque and a nice 13bhp increase at 5k rpm. he had the face lift model so started with 168bhp, +19bhp isn't to bad, he said the improvement in low and midrange made it all worth while .. You cant actually remap the stock ecu on these cars, you basically need a piggy back that goes in before the ecu.. or a full aftermarket replacement. Kev Edited, increase at 5k was 13bhp not 15bhp
  8. Hi guys Dont post on here much but just thought i would fill my fellow Celica loving people in on what's been going on .. Well on the 17th of April i wrote Desmond off :( , long story short i noticed a speed cop car so got distracted as you do , when i looked back the guy in front had slammed on the brakes due to not having enough room to get past the speed cop car so ran up his ***** :( .. Here is what Des looked like after a day later he got taken away to get written off :( well it took 3 months to settle with the insurance company (admiral), it wasn't there fault it was the dvla's for taking so long to put my private plate into retention ffs. After 4 months of searching i found this, fancied a change to white :D within 23 hours of owning it it looked like this ,notice no orange bits :D then today it was like this , nice big wheels :D its getting there :D just for reference here is what Desmond looked liked in his glory, every time i see that pic i think to myself why did i get a white celica lol Hope you like guys :D Kev PS: yeah as usual im drunk lmao
  9. Kevstir

    Opinions Please!

    im not a big gen 7 fan but that looks ***** hot m8, i do really like that a lot :D
  10. or buy a pair for £7.50 from ebay :D Here is a guide @ when putting the front springs on make sure you align the top mount with the arrow pointing towards the outside of the car or you will get all sorts of strange noises lol Kev
  11. I'm from Grangemouth :D Currently have a Celica written off on my drive , if anyone see's a White UK Gen 6 Celica GT for sale let me know please Kev
  12. black smoke usually indicates over fuelling m8
  13. Kevstir

    Celica Gen 6 Gt

    Hi Guys Finally got the settlement from the insurance so on the hunt for another Celica what im looking for is UK Celica GT 94-99 (nearer 94 with my budget lol) White, may consider Black but White preferably, no other colour considered... must be good condition, NO jap import unless it has ABS and a Sunroof.. I only have £1600 to play with, i know its not a lot but you never know what might turn up lol Cheers Kev
  14. my moneys on the fuel filter at the start when you could go to 7500rpm the fuel filter would have been clean letting the fuel flow freely all across the rev range, now if its gradually got clogged then its not going to have the same flow rate, resulting in it not letting enough petrol through at high revs when the need for fuel is at its highest..
  15. Kevstir

    Gt4 Bonnets

    its the bonnet that kills you , very very expensive peace of kit :(