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  1. It definitely picks up and goes. Lovely power in an understated shell. Really surprises some people. It's actually a metallic grey.
  2. Selling my 2007 Toyota Yaris 1.8 SR. 130 BHP 68K Miles, Full Toyota Service History, Petrol, Manual, 5 Door. 12 Months TAX & MOT. 2 owners, father to son. Well cared for. £4000 ono
  3. The c1 and 107 spoiler is attached simply by an adhesive like sikaflex or tiger seal. That is commonly used to apply body parts, so very safe. Some however, have chosen to screw it into the hinges in addition to the glue.
  4. Oh dear!! Insist them to test drive it and sort it out!! You could be involved in a serious accident.
  5. Where are you getting the spoiler fitted? My garage doesn't have a bodyshop
  6. Wish they still did the 1.8 sr. That thing is quick!! Id still have an aygo over the 1.33 yaris but let us know what you think
  7. It's very nippy, great mpg as said and people may complain it's noisy but it isn't so obtrusive you can't think. It's lightweight, not full of soundproofing, if it was it would be heavier and not achieve such good mpg. :)
  8. google or call up toyota, toyota will know as they will have it on file
  9. check the fitment...ideally you want 15x6.5 ET 38
  10. Not with out what i said being done. Do you have any warranty left? I think if you open it up you have risk of getting dust and dirt inside and then condensation if not re-sealed properly. Best bet is to ebay one!
  11. You sure it's on the inside? You can remove headlight haze with meguiars headlight restoration kit. try that on the outside first? If it's inside you have to heat the lights in the oven.... not for the faint hearted and you have to be sure you've resealed it properly! If it's a real issue then you can always pick up a new headlight on ebay for about £45
  12. The standard alloys are 14" these will be 14" so no difference there, the tyres will not be low profile but the same height im pretty sure. So see if they fit without spacers without rubbing? or is it going to mess up my handling and tracking significantly by having a slightly different offset than original?
  13. If I have wheels of 4x100 14x6.5 with and ET (offset) of 47mm would a set of 10mm spacers reduce the offset to the ideal 37mm?? Or am i going to have issues?? I know 4x100 15x6.5 with and offset of 37 are perfect So if i had the same just 14" reducing the 47 to 37 with 10mm spacers be okay? Hope this makes sense. Bought some wheels with these specs so wondering if they are safe to use or to re-sell...
  14. photobucket website, sign up, upload them to that then copy the image code and paste it into here :)
  15. take the front dash panel off, and un-clip it and slide it out, get a fascia and there you go :)
  16. he's talking crap yes you can
  17. You have daytime running lights.......................... ONLY use fogs when it is foggy, it is illegal and is very dazzling to other drivers, hence why you were flashed and beeped at!
  18. Looking for the aygo go! tinted tailgate and wondered if anyone wanted to swap for a non tinted one if tinted doesn't appeal? worth a shout...
  19. Just wondered if any has one lying about that they have decided not to use or have taken off? http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c206/TallPaul86/TTE%20Pics/TTEAygoRoofSpoiler.jpg
  20. Sounds good on youtube let alone in person! :D
  21. Ha not at the moment ;) Yeah shame 2 other aygo owners out there don't want to buy with me :(
  22. No however, anyone can fit exhausts, kwik-fit, halfords any garage for not that much at all, they only take the old off and fit the new.
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