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  1. cannot wait to see all them bits fitted.................
  2. rocker cover back on, not turned out to bad just needs a bit more buffing in the awkward bits :)
  3. howdy all not been on for a while and thought seeing as ive finally had sky put in my new place id post a new pic of my corolla. not much has changed just some nice new rims stayed with 16's but much wider with 7.5j, 215's on the rear and 205's upfront and a really aggressive offset :D
  4. i sprayed my front badge black imo looks much better
  5. a remap is really the best way to go about it but trying to find someone that can map the standard ecu is the problem! just a remap wont enable it to pass the mot though as it will still fail on the emission test without a cat. you can pass the emission test without a cat but you have to seriously nail it to high revs instead of sitting at around 3000rpm, some of the high flow cats are good some not so good lol all depends which one was on your car but they can and will fail after a year if it was a not so good one its just like buying a non oe cat half the price but half the life span . both the other ways of getting rid of the eml do work tough, best off doing what nrgizer said and just swap them over when its test time. what i did on ny zs never got a problem with it going into limp home mode, just stick some tape over the light
  6. just an update on the tweeters, got them fitted just about. the sound improvement is massive, wasn't expecting much but am blown away also started wiring in the line out converter for my sub and amp
  7. yeah Michelins are great for milage but not performance, id suggest toyo tr1s or dunlop sp sports 2 still the LSD would help lol
  8. why ive had 4 lol i know what you mean about the dealer, needed a rear wheel bearing for my zetec s went to ford thinking how bad could it be ? 60 quid !!!! went to the local bearing shop 25 quid for both
  9. LSD is needed me thinks One of those cheap ;) Quaife jobbies yeah who needs Christmas when you have a super charger and an LSD
  10. tell me about it i recently had a fiesta eco as a courtesy car and what a bag of w**k that was, build quality was awful, engine was almost dangerous, so underpowered, really bland and just terrible to drive at least old fords were good fun! even though you spent more time fixing than driving it, when it worked it worked well
  11. They are well screwed together, when i did this it all just clipped back in nothing broken or looking anything but as new: Except the bar that is... ha yeah it does all go back together nicely to which is a bonus unlike my ford where every time you have it apart and put it back toghether it rattles a little bit more every time
  12. sometimes it baffles me how well the corolla is made! just checked the tweeters thinking that it would just be a case of unplg the old ones and wire in the new ones but nooo lol the oe ones are bolted to a mount on the door !
  13. just got a nice set of FOCAL tweeters will post up pics when there in
  14. its about 40bhp loss through the transmission on a standard t sport
  15. a simple obd scanner will be much easier to use simply plug and play, most of the time the code it throws will just give an idea of whats wrong unless its a specific sensor thats failed. better scanners will run live data from all the sensors which i suppose is the up side to buying the discs as it really helps narrow stuff down obd 2 pluys are the same 16pin
  16. depends what you want to do with it mate. looks all good if it does what it says. you will probably need a usb to obd connector and just hook up via your laptop. just be careful when youre using it lol could end in
  17. god i want it! dont think it could have come out of the factory much better
  18. metric but jap metric lol different pitch on the thread
  19. there has got to be a way around it, maybe take the oe bracket to a metal fabricators and ask them to copy it but angle it backwards a bit or have you tried something like this? flame guard eml light will always come on unless you get it mapped out £££'s. get a mil eliminator ( basically a resistor) or an o2 sensor extension to bring the probe away from the exhaust gases but only a remap is a permanent fix
  20. is quite a while but at least there not wasting your time telling you to go get it when its not perfect trust me this is even more annoying than waiting, good things come to those who wait lol just think of it as an early christmas present when its done
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