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  1. Hello, no they will not fit, you have to modify them a little to fit, and they will not look so good, ive done theme :/, now i bought the facelift bumper from toyota and it costed only 200 euros and 100 euros for the rear skirts, everything new and original. The facelift sideskirs fit perfectly with no modifications :)
  2. Ok ok its not that fast, but i stand i up with some integras here and i only have a blitz induction, when the lift kics in its a real beast hehe, if the cts revs a litle bit faster .... Do you have the compresor model? Anyone knows where i can get A supercharger? I went to ask toyota but here i have the only tsport bought new from malta lol, and they didnt now about the model haha
  3. What car do you drive ? I think every peny spent on these cars is worth it ...
  4. I searched about camcon seams good, thanks for the help m8 :)
  5. Mr-p i searched for an ecu but i couldnt find any. My mechanic told me about the apexi vafc neo, its like a pigy back... He told me that if i remove the catalic and replace the factory manifold with haders, i could add up to maximum 20 bhp with the vafc. Anyone tried this Before? And what is a camcon?
  6. Ahh and by the way i was thinking of gething a stainless steal cat back exhaust but i heard somewhere on this forum that it will not make any difference on the t sport, is this true ?
  7. Yeah your right we cant go that quick in malta, but we have a quarter mile track soo, im not looking for a way to increase bhp im just looking for some ways to increase accelerate faster so that lift will come in earlier hehe
  8. Hey thanks for the reply, I already have a bliz induction kit, and do i have to change all the clutch or can i just change the fly wheel ? Are these any good ? http://www.fensport.co.uk/Parts/Model_7/Category_3/3755 http://www.fensport.co.uk/Parts/Model_7/Category_3/758
  9. Hello I have a 2003 corolla t sport just got 8000 km do you know of any performance mods i can make, maybe something that can me reach the 6000 rpm faster ? Thanks in advance Dillon from Malta
  10. dillonv

    My corolla

    MY corolla e12 1.4 vvti
  11. anyone know how to add pics here pls ?
  12. Hello new member here . MY corolla e12 1.4 vvti, will take some better pics. Future mods: new alloys, will lower and maybe tte side skirts and back bumper lip ...
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